20 Top CEOs Convene At Transformative CEO Healthcare Summit Discuss The New Renaissance In Health

The 14th century Bubonic plague was the precursor to the renaissance; akin to that, I believe, today’s pandemic is truly the harbinger to a new renaissance in health. To explore the advancements in health innovation, logistics and technology on December 14, 2021, from 11am – 1pm at The Transformative CEO Healthcare Summit 20 top healthcare CEOs convened to brainstorm and share best practices. Below are short quotes from the five keynote speakers and the three Workgroup Leaders:


Robert C. Garrett, CEO, Hackensack Meridian Health: “Innovation in healthcare is truly transformational. First, we can now analyze millions of medical cases in near minutes. The promise of AI is endless. Second, perhaps most exciting is the promise of gene editing … imagine the day when we can actually prevent most diseases. Third, remote care delivery will define the future of healthcare and provide unprecedented connectivity, especially at the home. In short, innovation will continue to drive radical reform in our industry.

Dr Redonda Miller, President, Johns Hopkins Hospital: “Today, healthcare should take a lesson from the Jetsons (the 1960s futuristic TV cartoon) and aggressively look ahead to deliver what our patients want, convenience, access and better communication and we need to deliver this in a highly personalized high tech fashion. We have smart houses, smart cars, why not a smart patient experience.” 

Dr Tom Mihaljevic, CEO, Cleveland Clinic: “A century from now will bring us to an even better place depending on how successfully we address the following four fundamental questions: 1. Can we reach more patients? 2. Can we improve access for more patients? 3. Can we treat all patients equally regardless of their background? 4. Can we leverage technology for the greater good?”

Dr. Steven J. Corwin, ceo, NewYork-Presbyterian: “There are going to be a lot of data streams that we’re generating as healthcare institutions: genomic data, imaging data, data from the electronic medical records… then once we emerge those data sources, work with big data, data scientists, and engineering schools we can hopefully come up with insights to answer big questions in major disease entities.”

John Schlifske, President, CEO and Chairman, Northwestern Mutual: “What I saw a lot of companies do during the pandemic is rather than hunker down, sort of pull back waiting to see what happens. We decided to lean in, double down on our transformation, invest more than we ever had before in the digital tools and all the things we needed to do to maintain that relevance to our customers when they couldn’t see us face-to-face and meet with us face-to-face…The pandemic has accelerated so much of the transformation that healthcare is going through. My advice to you would be to double down on that transformation.”



The Healthcare Logistics group was led by Kate Gutmann, Head of the $9 billion UPS Global Healthcare, and recipient of The CEO Forum’s “10 CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America in 2021”. The group was:  

  • Dr. Jaewon Ryu, President and CEO, Geisinger
  • Charlie Mills, CEO, Medline
  • Asma Ishaq, CEO, Modere
  • Marc Plumart, CEO, Sodexo Healthcare and Seniors Worldwide

Gutmann, shared, “We’ve expanded our view of healthcare to include body, mind and spirit. This comprehensive view of patients leads to customized care driven by use of data. We can help prioritize the sickest, especially during the pandemic. Combining that with omni-channel access and a more agile and resilient healthcare supply chain will be keys to positively transform healthcare. We believe we are truly at the beginning of this renaissance in healthcare.”


The Healthcare Innovation Group was led by Donald Parker, President and CEO, Carrier Clinic — a national leader in behavioral health. The group was: 

  • Lucinda M. Baier, President & CEO, Brookdale Senior Living Inc.
  • Robert C. Garrett, CEO, Hackensack Meridian Health
  • Sharon M. Leite, CEO, The Vitamin Shoppe
  • Morris Miller, CEO, Xenex

“We discussed how the pandemic has led to escalated technology and transparency and that the silver lining is this can be a golden era for healthcare innovation. A secret to that is to create a culture of innovation, and that starts with communication from the leader, and especially, listening. We are heading in a direction where people will access healthcare more remotely and at home and this will be driven by: technology and telehealth, telepsychiatry and telemedicine. Ultimately the key with innovation is when you fail, to fail fast, be agile, and learn and develop new innovative solutions.”


The Healthcare Technology Group was assembled with the help of leading workforce management technology provider UKG. As background, UKG was #6 on the 2021 Fortune list of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work for.’ . The Group was:

  • Clay Holderman, President & CEO, UnityPoint Health
  • Bimal Patel, President, Hartford Hospital & Hartford Region
  • Amy Fahrenkopf, MD, MPH, President, HSS, (Hospital for Special Surgery)
  • Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA, President & CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson

Moderator Anne Collier shared, “Our group discussed how technology can truly be the enabler to transform workflow and create better outcomes for healthcare systems and elevate the patient experience. When thinking about the future we agreed that most healthcare will ultimately occur in homes, so we need the right technologies; also we need to eliminate social determinants of health and improve equity, better prescriptions, better access … Finally we talked about the Hippocratic Oath for data usage, meaning ways of owning and capitalizing on the data and preventing data from being used in ways that aren’t consistent with the greater good or are not HIPPA compliant.

 … In summary, the word “renaissance” comes from the French meaning rebirth. I think we all know the time period right before birth is filled with pain. As we experience the pain of the pandemic, it is likely these ideas will usher in a rebirth – or renaissance – of health.

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