4L Data Intelligence and Innovative Health Consultants Form Joint Venture to Improve Healthcare Payment Integrity


Partnership Combines Patented Integr8 AI Powered Healthcare Solutions and Deep Healthcare Payor Experience to Deliver $100B Of Annual FWA Prevention

SAN RAMON, Calif., April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 4L Data Intelligence™ today announced it has partnered with Innovative Health Consultants to form a new joint venture, 4L Data Intelligence Partners, under the 4L Data Intelligence™ brand. The new partnership will combine 4L Data Intelligence’s™ Integr8 AI™-powered technologies with Innovative Health Consultants’ deep knowledge of modern payor strategy. This partnership will accelerate market introduction of 4L Data Intelligence’s automated FWA Prevention, Audit and Recovery and Provider Data & Integrity management solutions.

4L Data Intelligence powered by INTEGR8 AI (PRNewsfoto/4L Data Intelligence)

4L Data Intelligence powered by INTEGR8 AI (PRNewsfoto/4L Data Intelligence)

“By working closely with experts that understand the nuance and complexity of payor strategy, we can accelerate deployment of our FWA Prevention, Audit and Recovery solution much faster. The faster that technology is deployed, the better we can do for the U.S. healthcare system. In that spirit, we are eager to launch this new partnership with Innovative Health Consultants. By combining our proprietary, Integr8 AI-powered solutions with IHC’s proven insights and consultative power, we will achieve our goal of helping healthcare payors prevent an additional $100B per year in overpayments from fraud, waste and abuse (FWA),” said Clay Wilemon, 4L Data Intelligence CEO.

“We have known for years that superior payment integrity depends on a complete and continuous analysis of provider behavior, and that identifying issues in the pre-payment phase is crucial. However, for years people were only looking at provider data, which is just the tip of iceberg. 4L Data Intelligence is taking an innovative look at what’s below the water at the entire iceberg,” said Harvey Mitgang, Managing Partner, Innovative Health Consultants. “Fortunately, the team at 4L Data Intelligence has built a solution capable of turning knowledge to power faster, analyzing crucial information and generating provider behavioral and relational insights that accelerate FWA value creation for payors. We look forward to contributing to the platform’s growth using the knowledge and experience we’ve gained by working with leading payors over many years, and to using the platform’s considerable power to help our clients reach new levels of success.”

About 4L Data Intelligence

4L Data Intelligence™ is the Integr8 AI™ powered company focused on helping our customers and partners deliver better healthcare, insurance and government services at a lower cost by improving data, provider, payment and decision integrity. We are committed to USING THE POWER OF INTEGR8 AI™ TECHNOLOGY FOR GOOD by helping healthcare payers, health systems, governments and insurers deliver better services and care and reduce trillions of dollars in out-of-control costs. We do this by making actionable data accessible in real-time, automating inefficient processes and preventing fraudulent, wasteful and abusive payments that drive up costs. 4L Data Intelligence is proud to be SOC 2 Type II Certified, HIPPA Compliant, and GDPR Certified. For more information visit 4LData.com.



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