In a significant shift within the healthcare industry, Mary Langowski, the esteemed CEO of Solera Health, has announced her decision to step down from her executive position. This strategic move comes after a remarkable four-year tenure during which Langowski played a pivotal role in the growth and innovation of the company.

The Legacy of Mary Langowski

Under Langowski’s leadership, Solera Health, a platform connecting individuals with health solutions, experienced substantial growth and innovation. Her vision and commitment to improving lives have been instrumental in shaping the company’s trajectory, making her a transformative figure in the healthcare sector.
One of Langowski’s most notable achievements during her tenure was the launch of the Solera HALO Platform in October 2023. This premier technology platform was designed to help payers and employers manage various health conditions effectively, further solidifying Solera’s position as an industry leader.

A New Chapter: The Transition to Walgreens Boots Alliance

Starting in March, Langowski will transition to a new role at Walgreens Boots Alliance, a major investor in Solera Health. This move signifies the beginning of an exciting new chapter for both Langowski and the company she has led with such distinction.

The Board of Solera Health has expressed its deep gratitude for Langowski’s exceptional leadership and focused execution. Matt Downs, the current Chairman of the Board, will step down from his position but continue to serve as a voting member.

Solera Health: Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

Despite this executive transition, Solera Health remains committed to its mission of improving lives through better health solutions. The company continues to accelerate its market momentum with remarkable growth in solutions, customers, and partners.

As Langowski transitions into her new role as Chairman of the Board, Solera Health is preparing to appoint an interim CEO in the coming days. Langowski will ensure a smooth transition and continue to contribute to the company’s mission, even as she embarks on her new journey with Walgreens Boots Alliance.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, Mary Langowski’s leadership and vision have left an indelible mark on Solera Health and the lives it touches. Her transition from CEO to Chairman of the Board and her new role at Walgreens Boots Alliance signal a promising future for both Langowski and the companies she serves.

With an interim CEO soon to be appointed, Solera Health moves forward, confident in its ability to continue providing innovative healthcare solutions and improving lives under Langowski’s continued guidance as Chairman.


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