Abdul Latif Jameel Health to showcase innovative healthcare solutions at Arab Health 2024

  • The participation aligns with Abdul Latif Jameel Health’s commitment to accelerating access to healthcare in the emerging economies of the Global South for those most in need.
  • Abdul Latif Jameel Health will be present at Arab Health, Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, Stand S1.K10, Dubai World Trade Center

Dubai: Abdul Latif Jameel Health – is set to participate in the 49th edition of Arab Health, the region’s largest healthcare trade event, taking place from January 29 to February, 1, 2024, at the Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

During the event, Abdul Latif Jameel Health will showcase a portfolio of innovative technologies and solutions for distribution in the Global South. This aligns with Abdul Latif Jameel Health’s commitment to addressing the unmet needs of emerging economies through accelerating access to practical, affordable, and more inclusive medical care.

Abdul Latif Jameel Health will be joined by renowned global partners across a number of key medical sectors including eyecare, surgical equipment, and AI-powered cancer detection.

Partners include EyeTech Care (FR), Eyerising (AU), CoapTech (US), Implantdata Ophthalmic Products (IOP) (DE), PlasmaJet (US), Fourth Frontier (US) and LPIXEL(JP).

Akram Bouchenaki, Chief Executive Officer, Abdul Latif Jameel Health said: “We look forward to Arab Health 2024 and, again, exchanging ideas and networking with industry peers and healthcare decision-makers who share our vision for a more accessible and equitable healthcare future.  We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that accelerate access to modern medical care for those who need it most.”

The participation in Arab Health reinforces Abdul Latif Jameel Health’s mission to enhance medical care accessibility and inclusion in developing markets through partnering with some of the most pioneering health tech firms through the introduction of innovative solutions.

Visit Abdul Latif Jameel Health at Arab Health, Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, Stand S1.K10, Dubai World Trade Center.

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