Bio 9 Ventures Healthcare IT division, Tekwings Data Platforms division, Cloud N Cluster and Santanish have entered into a definitive merger agreement to form a new business called Kanectify that will add end-to-end integrated benefits to Platform Engineering, AI Healthcare and portfolio of Digital Health R&D Solutions


DALLAS, May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Texas based Bio 9 Ventures, a boutique healthcare ecosystem strategic and consulting firm, today announces the merger of its international healthcare IT division with data platforms division of Tekwings, an integrated IT engineering company with offices all around the world that supports product engineering, platform engineering and operational R&D services, along with Cloud N Cluster, experts in cloud technology solutions, providing support installations, migration, cloud backup solutions and everything in between and Santanish, experts in next-gen healthcare platform architecture.

Srinivas Kommineni of Cloud N Cluster on Left, Sagar Pidathala of Tekwings at Center and Dr Raj Pallapothu of Bio 9 Ventures on Right

Srinivas Kommineni of Cloud N Cluster on Left, Sagar Pidathala of Tekwings at Center and Dr Raj Pallapothu of Bio 9 Ventures on Right

“We share a relentless focus on delivering healthcare innovations to the doorstep of the communities globally. Through this merger, we will leverage human-centered design and digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, that increase communities’ engagement, deliver effective preventive healthcare, and achieve better health outcomes along with next generation personalized healthcare concierge and advocacy services,” Dr Raj Pallapothu, Executive Chairman of Bio 9 ventures, said in the press release.

“Industry innovation leveraging technology isn’t born from more profound vertical expertise but from horizontal thinking. This merger will significantly advance our market position by broadening our portfolio of healthcare IT solutions and market reach,” says Sagar Pidathala, Founder of Tekwings.

“Each company brings unique, proven capabilities that will position Kanectify to materially advance the reach and impact of care teams on patients’ lives through the use of innovative healthcare IT tools and making high-quality care more accessible and affordable for everyone,” says Srinivas Kommineni, Founder of Cloud N Cluster.

“In this agile delivery of healthcare applications, this merger enables New IT architecture that is key to unlocking the power of digital technologies and creating the connected healthcare ecosystem of tomorrow,” says Rekha Shankarappa, CFO of Santanish.

About Kanectify
Kanectify is an integrated digital health continuity and engineering solutions company with a uniquely personalized, holistic and proactive approach to intelligence life sciences products and platforms services. We help life sciences companies deliver greater value for patients, manufacturers, payers and providers through the convergence of smart connected products, intelligence health, platform engineering and extended reality.

Anitha Pathina
Kanectify LLC
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