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Commenced in 2011, Goddres Pharmaceutical Pvt Limited is an evolving pharmaceutical company with an active interest in women’s healthcare, Orthopaedics, Critical Care, and gastroenterology. The company is in pursuit of building brands on the foundation of innovation. They shape their strategies and purpose around the end-users need gap and work on a product to suffice the need. They are committed to bringing innovative quality products for healthcare professionals to help improve the well-being of people. They not only do research and development but also transfer knowledge to patients and caregivers.

Their aim is to become the most valued pharma partner to the World Pharma fraternity by continuously researching, developing, and offering a wide range of pharmaceutical products that comply with global standards and need gaps. Currently, they have products that cover three therapy areas – Osteoporosis, Acid Peptic Disorder, and Iron deficiency Anaemia. These products are innovative in terms of bridging the need gap in the respective therapy.

Goddres is committed to providing innovative products and extends support to the medical fraternity for academic and scientific requirements. “We always support the programs and initiatives that impact treatment outcomes in a positive manner. We are actively present in four therapy segments – Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Critical Care, and General well-being,” says Gourango Mukherjee, CEO, Goddres Pharmaceutical.

About the CEO

Gourango Mukherjee, CEO and Founder member of Goddres, is a pharma industry veteran. He has spent over 30 years enabling different companies to reach the coveted “Top 10” slot before starting Goddres Pharmaceuticals with few other like-minded partners. He actively pursues novel innovations and applications that have the potential to solve various medical problems. He always expresses willingness to take on the risk and effort to create positive changes in the pharma industry.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

The lingering impacts of COVID-19 had serious consequences on the industry as consumer confidence is lower than the usual demand for pharmaceuticals. In addition, customer purchasing power remained low as unemployment continued to be a challenge. Their inability to reach out to doctors and chemists led the company to adapt online modes like E-CMEs, webinars and e-group meetings, and KOL talk shows. They created an online training platform with an interactive interface for all their employees. The infrastructure was supplied by a leading American tech company with the latest world-class hardware for the best virtual experience and effective training.

He says, “The demand forecasting challenge was also inversely affected due to fluctuation in demand and supplies of raw material print and packing material. So, we appointed two suppliers for each material to avoid shortages or delays. We also offered high incentives to buyers in case there was a drop in demand.”

During the pandemic, the company had to use the expensive logistic mode of air courier to ensure timely delivery of supplies. They also ensured no shortage of medicines in the market. To keep their production line running, they paid high wages.

They have introduced generic products for the treatment of Covid and allied products like Isopropyl hand sanitizer etc. With the prospects of an increase in market share, they have adopted more stringent product quality control, good manufacturing compliance, and importing key ingredients from the EU. They are having virtual meetings with doctors and strengthening their critical care division.

The company is using new-age technologies like AI/ML to address the various challenges in the pharma industry, such as automation and optimization of the manufacturing processes, designing effective marketing, and post-launch strategies. “Patient identification is a crucial step in the drug discovery and development process, especially for conducting clinical trials. AI simplifies the identification of eligibility criteria, the inclusion of patients, and also makes the cohort identification process faster,” he explains.

They are exploring new ways of manufacturing. Single-use flexible production technology helps reduce downtime and increases productivity by eliminating complex steps like cleaning and validation between separate production stages.

Future Plans

Goddres is one of India’s leading providers of clinically differentiated medicines. They are aware of the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities, emerging therapies and maintain high social responsibility. “Our strategy is rooted in fostering excellence in science and empowering scientists to create breakthroughs in life science that will make a difference tomorrow. We firmly believe in the tremendous potential to translate science into therapies that reduce human suffering and help people live longer and healthier lives. We are intensely focusing on bringing unique drug delivery systems especially in the women’s healthcare space, Ortho & GIT disorder management,” he asserts.

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