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Channellist Editor was designed as a complementary tool for DVB Viewer Pro that provides simple means for editing channel lists. The data is imported from a local file and can then be managed using a dedicated GUI.
For those unfamiliar with the term, DVB Viewer Pro is an application that delivers digital television to your desktop, provided that you’re equipped with a working DVB card. Aside from television, the software can also play various radio channels.
With the aid of Channellist Editor, you will have a better management of the channels streamed inside DVB Viewer Pro. Simply export the list to a CSV, DAT or INI file and then load it inside Channellist Editor in order to maneuver it to your liking.
Amongst the management possibilities provided by the application, you will find the possibility to create groups, rename entries, move or sort them. There’s also a quick find function for quickly locating a certain channel. When you’re done editing the list, you can export it to an output file, then load it inside DVB Viewer Pro.
Channellist Editor makes for a good companion if you’re a fan of digital television. It has a very short learning curve, which means anyone can use it.


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Channellist Editor Crack+ Download

Channellist Editor is a free software designed to help you manage your digital TV channels. It allows you to create and export lists of your favorite channels. You can also create groups, move channels, sort them or rename them to help you manage them.

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Channellist Editor 2.7.1 – update Channellist Editor 2.

Channellist Editor Keygen

Channellist Editor provides a simple way of managing the digital TV channels. It comes with a unique user interface that allows you to add, edit, rename, sort, move and delete entries.

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System Requirements For Channellist Editor:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS X
10.6.8 or later
4GB disk space
1080P display
Dual Core CPU
DirectX 9.0
DirectX 11
AVC MPEG-4/H.264 encoding
Cameras: 720p HD or Full HD
DVD/BD player
Recommended Requirements:

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