CloudMD Partners with The Ottawa Hospital, Boosting Healthcare Access for 15,000 Staff


In a significant move to enhance healthcare accessibility, CloudMD Software & Services Inc. has inked a new multi-service contract with The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), aiming to provide comprehensive health services to over 15,000 hospital staff members. This collaboration marks a pivotal step towards integrating innovative health solutions with traditional healthcare models, offering Nurse Navigation, Employee Family Assistance Plan (EFAP), and Mental Health Support all under one roof.

Empowering Healthcare Workers

The partnership between CloudMD and The Ottawa Hospital is not just a contract but a commitment to the wellbeing of thousands of healthcare professionals. Honorata Bittner, the Chief Strategy and People Officer at TOH, highlighted the initiative’s focus on making healthcare resources more accessible, especially for staff working unconventional hours. CloudMD’s approach aligns with TOH’s mission to provide world-class and compassionate care, signifying a shared vision for healthier living.

Innovative Health Solutions

Bram Lowsky, EVP, Head, Health and Wellness Services at CloudMD, expressed pride in supporting the dedicated healthcare workers at TOH, emphasizing the partnership’s alignment with CloudMD’s philosophy of empowering healthier living. This collaboration demonstrates the growing demand for CloudMD’s services across North America, showcasing their commitment to revolutionizing healthcare delivery through innovative solutions.

A Broader Impact on Healthcare

The partnership is expected to set a precedent for other healthcare institutions in Canada and beyond, illustrating the potential of integrating technology and innovative health services to improve healthcare accessibility and outcomes. With CloudMD’s standing as a vendor of record with Mohawk Medbuy Corporation, this collaboration could pave the way for further expansions in providing healthcare solutions to a wider audience.

This strategic initiative between CloudMD and The Ottawa Hospital underscores the evolving landscape of healthcare, where innovation and collaboration become key drivers in enhancing care delivery and support for healthcare workers. As both organizations move forward, the impact of this partnership will likely resonate across the healthcare sector, fostering a healthier and more supportive environment for all.


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