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First Health Pavilion at the Good Life Festival offering a holistic, technology-powered approach to health by SenSights.AI, 247 Health Club and R Entertainment.

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PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2023 / — Good Life Festival is in its 12th year, March 25 & 26, in Arizona celebrates Good Life, Good Food, Good Music and, this year, Good Health. This year, Shea HomesⓇ Good Life Festival Presented by Subaru adds the Complete Circle of Care (“C3”) Health & Wellness Pavilion by SenSights.AI, 247 Health Club and R Entertainment. The C3 Pavilion unites wellness, healthcare, tech, fitness, beauty and biohacking companies and presents the latest and greatest cutting-edge solutions to festival-goers. With the variety of activities offered onsite, the C3 Pavilion promotes healthy habits, physical activity and cognitive wellness for baby boomers and all ages to take control of their physical, mental and financial wellbeing. Adding to the excitement, Shea Homes Good Life Festival Presented by Subaru will feature Kenny Loggins, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, and Steve Augeri of Journey, among others. Guests can enjoy gourmet food, specialty shopping, wine, craft beer and bourbon tasting, and more amidst the farm’s beautiful surroundings. The Good Life Festival will take place on March 25-26, 2023, at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, AZ, and will be broadcasted worldwide.

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Complete Circle of Care (C3) is a coalition of health-tech leaders behind 247 Health Club, SenSights.AI and R Entertainment. In 2023, C3 will be partnering up with Good Life for a fun filled music and wellness festival. The festival might be considered a combination of Coachella, Bottlerock along with an advanced health & wellbeing convention. The Complete Circle of Care mission is to raise awareness and encourage the wellbeing movement – people reconnecting to physical fitness and the benefits it provides to overall mental health. This initiative is also supported by top trainers, motivational speakers, nutritionists, and others to provide the education and tips for everyone to own their wellness. Among featured experts and speakers at the C3 Pavilion: Brian Hazelgren, CEO & co-founder of Truckers Health Network & RX2Live, Patrick K. Porter, founder & CEO of Brain Tap; Dr. Gideon Kwok, aesthetic physician & founder of Skin Perfect, Paul Scialla, founder & CEO of Delos; Joseph Krieger, president & founder of Boston BioLife, Anastasios Economou, YPO Global Chairman; Sebastien Lagree, founder of Lagree Fitness, Dr. Jonathan Group, co-founder of Global Healing Center, Susan Kwan Lee from Women’s Health, Nathan Brian, PHD, founder & CEO Nitric Oxide, Robert Fletcher, Business Development Director for Muscle & Fitness+; Kevin Harrington, entrepreneur and business executive featured in Shark Tank TV series ; Dr. William Stanford, CMO of Precision Medicine; Usman Raza, Equepay founder; Dr. Simona Pop, anti-aging specialist from Holistic Bio Spa, Dean Kaliakmanis from Hub International; Nauman Jaffar, founder of MarkiTech (SenSights.AI, Veyetals), James LaValle, Executive Chair of Metabolic Code Enterprises, Dr. Brian David Johnson, professor at Arizona University, Byron Belka, CEO of Rain International, Dame Clarissa Burt , founder & CEO of In the Limelight Media.

“As we continue to reconnect with family, friends and coworkers, the last three years of pandemic-related issues have taught us that we must also refocus on our physical and mental health, knowing the mind can do wonders to prevent diseases,” said Abigail Aboitiz, co-founder & managing partner of SenSights.AI. “Complete Circle of Care offers an ecosystem for professionals and all people balancing demanding work and life schedules, removing the feeling that one must choose between career and health,” Ms. Aboitiz added.

The merger of technology and physical fitness could assist in achieving better, faster and more efficient results, while improving the quality of life. Among tech solutions showcased in the pavilion:

– Veyetals: Veyetals is a wellness app using AI to measure your vital signs with the simple use of any smartphone camera. By scanning your face or finger, you can constantly stay proactive with your health.

– SenSights.AI: SenSights.AI is a remote patient monitoring & telehealth platform that helps patients to stay connected with their family and doctors via audio, video and chat communication and automatically share the health information with them. The platform also provides a unique on-call vitals measurement functionality, « Hey, Abby » an AI voice assistant and Prickless Glucose Monitoring.

– Advanced Wearables Inc. (AWI): AWI has found a way to save your time and stay effective in your workouts. With AWI PowerSuit using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), the 20 minutes of workout can help you to achieve the same results as a 3-hour workout without a PowerSuit.

– Lagree Fitness: The Lagree Micro developed by Lagree Fitness is a versatile, lightweight, full-body workout machine to build your muscular and core strength and endurance all while improving balance and flexibility.

The C3 pavilion is sponsored by Innovative 247 Health Club, MarkiTech.AI, Healthcare Technology, Dreamgivers Financial, Skinny Rich Shot, Equepay, Skin Perfect Medical Aesthetics, Global Healing, Power Bum, the Excusitis, along with Resorts World, Delos, Global Healing Institute, Top Doctor Magazine, Health & Beauty Connections, Kara Water, Theta Wellness, BrainTap, AVACEN, Prism Light Pod, PEMF COMPLETE, The Beauty Fox, The Beauty Fit Med Spa, HALOE Accelerated Wellness, and RELAX Sauna.

The Shea Homes Good Life Festival Presented by Subaru invites all to experience the exciting C3 Pavilion showcasing the mix of health and technology designed to reimagine health and wellbeing and to join the “take control of my health” movement across the USA to live a better life.

Visit the Good Life website to purchase your tickets for the festival.

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