Digital Commerce Payments and Aya Care Pioneer Innovative Healthcare Access Solutions in Alberta


CALGARY, Alberta, September 26, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digital Commerce Payments (“DCPayments”), a prominent financial technology payments provider and part of the Digital Commerce Group, has embarked on a transformative journey with Aya Care, an industry leader in Health Spending Account solutions, to introduce pioneering healthcare access initiatives in Alberta. This partnership aims to revolutionize healthcare spend management while highlighting Aya Care’s impressive track record of serving more than 200 companies across Canada.

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Alberta residents can anticipate a brighter future for healthcare access as Aya Care’s expertise in Health Spending Account services takes center stage. Aya Care’s unique benefit lies in its ability to eliminate out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for employees. With Aya Care’s card, provided in partnership with DCPayments, individuals can access healthcare services without the financial burden, making healthcare more accessible and affordable.

“We are delighted to apply our payments technology and expertise to facilitate Aya Care’s health spending account services and solutions in Alberta,” said Pamela Draper, President of DCPayments. “This partnership highlights the type of innovative solutions DCPayments is able to provide for the benefit of both businesses and consumers alike.”

What sets Aya Care apart is its user-friendly approach. The Aya Care app is rated 4.6 on the app store, making it the highest-rated Health Spending Account app in Canada. This user-friendly platform offers a streamlined onboarding process for employees and a hassle-free claims process within the app. Aya Care also employs strong fraud prevention technology, adjudicating 100% of claims promptly and efficiently.

Employers stand to benefit significantly from Aya Care’s solutions. They can enjoy cost savings, including payroll tax and income tax benefits, while providing employees with a valuable healthcare benefit. The platform offers flexible allocation options and is fully customizable to meet specific organizational needs.

For employees, Aya Care provides fast reimbursement for out-of-pocket claims, ensuring that healthcare expenses are promptly covered. The mobile and web apps offer easy access to plan information, claim history, and balances, promoting transparency and informed decision-making. Importantly, Aya Care guarantees compliance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations, ensuring that the utilization of Health Spending Accounts is in full accordance with legal requirements. Moreover, Aya Care offers a white-labeling option, allowing for branding opportunities that can further enhance an organization’s reputation and commitment to employee well-being.

While the primary focus of this partnership between DCPayments and Aya Care is on improving healthcare access and affordability, it also reflects a broader vision for a healthier Alberta. Together, DCPayments and Aya Care aspire to build a more resilient healthcare ecosystem, benefiting communities throughout the province.

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About Aya Care: Aya Care is an industry leader in health spending account solutions, with a proven track record of serving over 200 companies across Canada. Their mission is to remove financial barriers to healthcare access, making healthcare benefits more accessible and affordable. You can get in touch at

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Chanddeep Madaan
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