Estonia Showcases Healthcare Innovations At Arab Health 2024


Estonia is set to display its advanced healthcare solutions and explore new collaborative avenues at Arab Health 2024

Estonia, recognized for its advanced healthcare research and development, aims to make a significant impact at Arab Health 2024, one of the largest healthcare events in the Middle East taking place from 29 January to 1 February in Dubai. The country is set to demonstrate its expertise and explore collaboration opportunities within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region’s healthcare sector. 

Estonian healthcare, known for its innovative approaches, offers numerous collaborative prospects in both public and private healthcare sectors. Ege Devon, Enterprise Estonia Chief Representative Officer GCC, emphasizes Estonia’s dedication to healthcare innovation. “Estonia’s commitment to healthcare innovation and research is unwavering. We are excited to bring our pioneering ideas and collaboration opportunities to Arab Health 2024, where we aim to build bridges with the GCC healthcare ecosystem,” she said.

Key Estonian participants at Arab Health 2024

  • Cellin Technologies: Specializing in stem cell proliferation and differentiation, Cellin Technologies looks forward to partnerships with universities and companies in tissue engineering, gene therapy and advanced cellular therapies.
  • Helmes: With over three decades in digital innovation, Hermes has developed complex software systems worldwide, including e-prescriptions and e-elections.
  • InterVacTechnology OÜ: As a high-tech manufacturer of the Lind-Vac® vacuum blood collection system, InterVacTechnology provides efficient and hygienic blood colelction solutions adopted by medical facilities across 20 countries.

These are among the prominent Estonian entities showcasing their healthcare innovations.

Estonia’s digital health sector has recorded remarkable growth, with a 100% increase in turnover from 2021 to 2022, highlighting Estonia’s commitment to advancing healthcare.

The country’s participation in Arab Health 2024 represents a valuable opportunity for GCC healthcare professionals, businesses and researchers. It opens doors to potential collaborations, insights into the latest healthcare advancements and partnerships that could shape the future of healthcare in the region.

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