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Published April 19, 2023

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 19, 2023 / It’s no secret that Canada’s healthcare workers have been stretched to a critical point. The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario reported that over 75% of Canada’s nurses were classified as burnt out, while other data says that as much as 60% of all healthcare providers (HCPs) in Ontario are burnt out.

At the same time, 81% of healthcare professionals believe technology can reduce workloads, while 67% believe it can help decrease their stress levels. But where can technology have the biggest impact?

GoEasyCare has created an innovative Healthcare Workforce Management (hWFM) tool that can eliminate up to 90% of the time spent on the tasks associated with processing sick days and filling shifts. This is why the GoEasyCare team is thrilled to be showcasing these much-needed solutions at this year’s AdvantAge Ontario 2023 Convention.

“We are excited to show people what’s possible. GoEasyCare has already made a huge difference for healthcare organizations across Ontario. We’re helping people slash the number of hours they spend fielding sick day calls, finding replacements, and making the required adjustments,” said Paul Wright, President and CEO of GoEasyCare.

GoEasyCare, Wednesday, April 19, 2023, Press release picture

“For example, one of our clients in Southern Ontario had an employee spending 74 hours a month, every single month, on scheduling alone. That’s the equivalent of two working weeks and half of the overall month. But, with GoEasyCare, they’ve now got that down to 24 hours a month. Pretty much an hour or so a day!”

GoEasyCare’s powerful and adaptive solutions can completely automate this entire process:

  1. A given employee calls in sick and provides the required info.
  2. The system records that sick day and changes that shift to a sick code, visually represented with a different colour on the schedule.
  3. The employee’s sick bank and payroll are automatically adjusted.
  4. The appropriate supervisors are notified, with no human intervention required.
  5. The system runs a complex rules engine to determine who can qualify to fill the shift, based on union rules, factoring in things like each candidate’s seniority, location orientation, availability, full-time/part-time status, and recent schedule/overtime etc.
  6. With the list created, the system auto-calls each candidate in the appropriate order.
  7. An employee accepts the shift and they’re added to the schedule with a full audit trail available.
  8. Payroll, and all other systems, are updated automatically.

For example, Community Living -Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln (CL-GLWL) slashed their scheduling costs by 75%, while also going from spending the equivalent of 10 days a month on scheduling tasks to a mere 1.5 days a month.

“Sick days and personal days represent a vicious cycle for all long-term care providers right now. Your team is already overworked and overstretched. Pretty soon, taking sick day calls and filling shifts becomes someone’s full-time job, even though that person is desperately needed elsewhere. You fall even further behind. This puts even more stress on your staff, which leads to more burnout and more sick days, and then the whole cycle starts over,” said Wright.

GoEasyCare, Monday, March 27, 2023, Press release picture

“However, we’re helping organizations break that cycle. By taking 90% of those tasks off of your plate, you can keep your team working on the floor or focusing on more important tasks like training or onboarding.”

This year’s AdvantAge Ontario 2023 Convention takes place from April 19th to the 21st at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel! Anyone looking to ease the burden on their staff is invited to stop by Booth 224 to learn more about GoEasyCare!


GoEasyCare, Monday, March 27, 2023, Press release picture

About GoEasyCare

Healthcare organizations need tools that were built with specific healthcare challenges in mind.

GoEasyCare’s purpose-built Healthcare Workforce Management (hWFM) tool can help you save up to 90% of the time associated with fielding sick day calls, contacting replacements, and adjusting schedules/payroll.

Our tool automates the entire process, from an employee calling in sick, to notifying the proper managers, to auto-calling candidates in the proper order according to union policies, to automatically updating your scheduling and payroll systems.

Learn more by visiting www.GoEasyCare.com.

AdvantAge Ontario Home

About The AdvantAge Ontario 2023 Convention

AdvantAge Ontario is an inspiring education and networking event for Ontario’s not-for-profit long-term care and seniors’ housing community.

We’re excited to welcome you to our first in-person conference in more than three years! This year’s event takes place from April 19-21 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

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