How Your Company Can Benefit From a Total Health Management Solution

A flourishing workforce results in a high-performing organization. That’s just a fact. But that requires investing in your employees’ well-being now, not later— if you want to reap real rewards. However, you do need a solution that takes a holistic approach to your employees’ health. Total health management (THM) does that. Read on for how your company can benefit from a total health management solution.

Just What is Total Health Management?

Total health management is a collaborative solution that seeks to improve the health of employees and their families, mitigate lost time, improve workforce efficiency, and fortify the relationship between patient and provider. How? By helping organizations, hospitals, and physician groups align resources, incentives, and outcomes.

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What is the Overall Appeal of Total Health Management?

Total Health Management goes beyond traditional medical management programs to align programs and services that are offered to each client. The overarching aim is to improve employees’ health while maximizing plan savings.

How Does Total Health Management Go Beyond Traditional Medical Management?

The total health approach is about making better health decisions on every level — body, mind, and spirit — to promote even better future health.

To that end, total health management focus on the root causes of bad health. It boosts employee performance — while lowering healthcare costs — by integrating health, disability, and absence programs. This is an innovative, progressive strategy.

And What Do the Numbers Show?

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According to Mercer, which offers total health solutions, organizations that establish effective

THM strategies and solutions experience:

— Lower medical cost trends of around 2 percent for best-practice enterprises

— A 41 percent reduction in healthcare costs for employees who are thriving

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— A 35 percent reduction in turnover costs for employees who are thriving

— A 31 percent productivity increase among employees who are thriving

— A stock value appreciation of 48 percent over five years for best-practice organizations.

How Can Mercer Help?

Mercer combines clinical, health behavior, and consumerism strategies to tailor solutions aimed at improving employees’ well-being.

Here’s what Mercer offers:

— Expertise. Mercer has more than 60 clinical, medical, and behavioral health pros who bring their skills and experience to bear in formulating strategies and interventions that are crafted to help organizations promote a culture of overall healthfulness.

— Integration. Organizations can bolster employee performance and reduce the amount of money spent on healthcare by bringing together health, wealth, workforce, and absence strategies.

— Innovation. Mercer has a Center of Health Innovation, which it puts to good use in terms of creative strategy development. Because it’s on top of all the new and potentially disruptive technology vendors, the center nudges the industry to constantly come up with new ways to reduce the cost of personalized care while enhancing quality and delivery.

— Leadership. Mercer doesn’t take this lightly. Because it collaborates with industry think tanks such as HERO, Mercer can help you to stay in front of total health management trends and to reap the rewards of progressive solutions.

Now that you know how your organization can benefit from a total health management solution, you can put one in place so that your employees’ health is better tomorrow than it is today. After all, a Mercer healthcare study found that the average cost per employee among organizations that implement the most total health management practices is about 6 percent lower compared with companies that use the fewest.

When employees feel better about themselves from a holistic standpoint, they are more engaged in their work and personal lives. That’s a fact. The bonus for you is that by cultivating a healthy, content, and resilient workforce, you can significantly bolster your company’s performance and your bottom line.


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