HRT Financial LP Acquires Stake in Outset Medical, Focusing on Innovative Healthcare Solutions


In a recent 13F filing with the SEC, HRT Financial LP has announced its acquisition of a new stake in Outset Medical, Inc. The 4th quarter saw the purchase of 32,741 shares of the company’s stock by the firm, valued at approximately $845,000. This new acquisition adds to the developing portfolio of HRT Financial LP and showcases their strategic investments in innovative healthcare technologies.

Outset Medical is a medical technology company that provides dialysis care solutions for both acute and home settings. Their Tablo Hemodialysis System is a compact console that offers on-demand dialysate production integrated with water purification, software, and connectivity capabilities. With an increasing global demand for quality healthcare solutions, Outset Medical swiftly established itself as one of the key players within this niche space.

In related news, 888 has restated a “maintains” rating on Outset Medical’s shares in its latest report. While one equities research analyst has rated the stock as “hold,” three analysts have assigned it a buy rating. According to, there is currently a consensus rating of “Moderate Buy” for Outset Medical’s stock with a consensus target price of $24.50.”

This development highlights the importance of investing in innovative healthcare solutions that address critical issues such as access to quality care and affordability. As such, industry players who are focused on bringing technological advancements in healthcare solutions cannot be ignored.

Overall, HRT Financial LP’s investment in Outset Medical underscores its focus on identifying superior investment opportunities that have promising future potential within their respective industries – more importantly in all segments aligning with America’s continued flourish post-COVID-19 pandemic impact and increased need for supportability via digital transformation growth opportunities closely associated across vertical domains.

Price Target

Current $22.32

Concensus $27.00

Low $23.00

Median $24.00

High $34.00

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Social Sentiments

3:00 AM (UTC)

Date:02 June, 2023

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Analyst Ratings

Analyst / firm Rating
RBC Capital Buy
Goldman Sachs Buy
Stifel Nicolaus Buy
Stifel Nicolaus Buy

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Outset Medical Attracts Attention and Investment from Hedge Funds and Institutional Investors

Outset Medical, a leading provider of innovative medical technology, has caught the attention of numerous hedge funds and institutional investors. Point72 Hong Kong Ltd, Belpointe Asset Management LLC, Signaturefd LLC, Tower Research Capital LLC TRC and Arcadia Investment Management Corp MI are among the many high-profile entities that have bought and sold shares in OM over recent months.

According to reports relating to purchases made during the second and fourth quarters of 2023, these institutions collectively spent hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in Outset Medical. Such investments speak volumes about the budding enterprise’s future potential within the medical technology industry.

In terms of Outset Medical’s management team, there has also been notable activity of late. Top-level insiders Steven S. Williamson and Leslie Trigg have both sold significant portions of the company’s stock in separate transactions this year. Despite such activity potentially raising concerns amongst some investors or shareholders, both sales were disclosed to regulatory bodies necessary for transparency purposes.

Overall, things are looking bright for Outset Medical. At present time the company is trading at more than double its one-year low price point. This comes following strong financial performance over recent years that is projected by market analysts alike to continue for times ahead.

As developments continue to emerge from this dynamic organization we can only expect further investment activity while competing companies continue to watch keenly from afar.


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