Innovative Family Care Management platform Tuktu launches seed raise for $2M


Innovative Family Care Management platform Tuktu launches seed raise for $2M

We are supported by strong angel investors and advisors and have built an ecosystem of committed partners in British Columbia. Our product is now live (download: Tuktu on the App Store ( or Tuktu – Apps on Google Play) on multiple platforms, and has been very well received by the users (see video here).

At Tuktu, we are inspired by icons like Gandhi, Mandela or Martin Luther King who sparked our imagination, and led humanity down a path of service and peaceful co-existence. Their ideas do not belong to one nation but the entire world. They rallied men and women from places far and near. Like them, our vision at Tuktu is boundaryless too. We aim to connect individuals across the world, with a shared purpose – to look out for each other, and to care.

  1. We are investing in building caring communities
    We are a start-up with giant-sized ambitions. Tuktu currently serves 500+ customers in the Vancouver area and has provided over 1500 hours of care connections. We aim to be a million happy customers by 2025 and will continue to invest in building a care-centered model, powered by human connections.
  2. We are investing in ensuring the highest quality of safe and affordable care
    Our companions and helpers come from all walks of life. They are students, professionals, home makers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and much more. They are empathetic, familiar and make you feel safe. Ensuring the highest quality of service in every connection will be of utmost priority to us.
  3. We are building technology that strengthens human bonds
    We believe every match through the Tuktu platform is unique. We have identified 24 parameters that make a perfect match – ranging from demographics like gender, language, culture, educational background etc. to character traits like preference for punctuality, humor etc. that we can use. Our data-driven decision model and technology investments will seek to personalize our services.
    (See product demo here).
  4. We are investing in the individuals that form our team and network
    We have a team of 11 full time leaders from technology, healthcare, and business, all passionate to transform how we manage home-based care. We will bring natural and empathetic leaders and build a workplace that can realize their fullest potential and help accelerate our goals.
  5. We are investing in building new alliances
    We cannot do this by ourselves. We need partners. We recognize every community is unique and every connection is valuable and learning from these experiences will inform Tuktu’s future. We will open our platform and onboard care providers and entrepreneurs to run profitable and sustainable businesses in their communities.
  6. We are building a profitable business
    We have validated the proof of concept in Vancouver and are building a profitable business with sound unit economics. Our scale-up plans reflect strong business fundamentals built on network growth and innovation. We are building for an $800B global market opportunity that is growing at 7% annually, and our limited fundraise is aimed at building early supporters to join this journey.

This seed raise of $2M is at an $8M pre-money valuation and will use the money to expand to more cities, continue developing the product and create a robust training program for improving the quality of our service experiences.  

A part of the raise ($500K) is for retail investors who can invest on FrontFundr (Canadian retail investors: Tuktu Care Inc. Campaign On FrontFundr | International Accredited Investors:

If you are an accredited investor or represent a registered venture fund, please reach out to us directly on [email protected]

About Tuktu Care Inc.

Tuktu Care Inc. is a Canadian company that offers a safe and smart platform for lifestyle services to support you, and your loved ones. Tuktu unlocks the local talent in the community to match the needs of older adults helping them to independently age in the comfort of their homes. The platform smartly matches their needs with friendly, familiar, talented and trusted people from the neighborhood. Based in Vancouver and backed up strong angel investors and experts, Tuktu currently serves over 500 customers, and aims to expand across Canada, the US, and Asia.

More information is available here:

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For further information: Investor contact: [email protected] , [email protected]; Partnership contact: [email protected]; Other enquiries: [email protected]


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