Innovative Healthcare Solutions Unveiled by Hooray Health, GigSmart, and Zurich for Workers


Relief for healthcare coverage challenges is coming to workers through a groundbreaking collaboration designed to bring innovative supplemental healthcare solutions to individuals and employers. Three organizations are joining forces to offer affordable and flexible healthcare coverage to address workers’ evolving insurance needs: Hooray Health, GigSmart, and Zurich North America. This initiative aims to alleviate the high annual deductibles for major medical coverage, a significant pain point for workers today.

Strategic Collaboration for Enhanced Healthcare Solutions

The partnership between Hooray Health, GigSmart, and Zurich North America is a strategic move to address the increasing financial burden of healthcare for individuals. Shane Foss, CEO of Hooray Health, emphasized that workers often face limited options for healthcare coverage. The new plans introduced by this alliance aim to supplement online exchange plans effectively, offering major medical coverage at a lower price point while enabling access to Hooray Health for non-emergencies. This collaboration not only leverages the strengths of the three organizations but also develops tailored insurance solutions designed specifically for the individual worker and evolving workforce.

Comprehensive Insurance Resources for GigSmart Workers

With more than one million workers on the GigSmart platform, the collaboration provides comprehensive insurance resources to support their success and overall well-being. According to Randy Shattuck, co-founder and COO at GigSmart, dedicated customer support and educational resources will be provided. This effort aims to ensure that workers have the information they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage. Educating workers about the value of insurance and the coverage options available to them is a focal point of this initiative.

Addressing the Financial Burden of Healthcare

The collaboration also signifies a long-term commitment to solving the growing financial burden of healthcare for individuals, as stated by Kristof Terryn, Head of Life, Accident & Health for Zurich North America. Managing medical spending and debt is a real challenge for many Americans, and it’s a challenge that Zurich, Hooray Health, and GigSmart are passionate about solving. This alliance is a step forward in providing more accessible and flexible healthcare solutions to workers, potentially setting a precedent for future endeavors in the healthcare insurance industry.

This collaboration between Hooray Health, GigSmart, and Zurich North America marks a significant development in the quest to provide more accessible and affordable healthcare solutions to the workforce. By addressing the high costs associated with major medical coverage and providing comprehensive resources and support, this initiative could pave the way for a healthier, more financially secure future for workers across industries. The holistic approach taken by these organizations highlights the importance of adaptability and innovation in meeting the healthcare needs of today’s evolving workforce.


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