Introducing AIMS 3.0 – The Innovative Solution for Healthcare Environments by Lumenix


OTTAWA, ON, April 14, 2023 /CNW/ – Lumenix, a trusted industry provider of hardware, software, sensors, and AI technologies, is driving innovation in the field of healthcare technologies with its patient-centric, clinically validated Artificially Intelligent Monitoring System (AIMS). Lumenix will unveil and demo this technology at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition (HIMSS 2023) from April 17 – 21 in Chicago.

Clinically validated by the Federal Government of Canada, and guided by a team of leading international experts, AIMS is a state-of-the art, multifunctional AI platform technology that predicts and prevents adverse events in healthcare settings before they occur. Initially developed to help prevent the spread of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) caused by inadequate hand hygiene—one of the leading causes of death in North American hospitals—AIMS is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by using its networked system of 3D spatial sensors and predictive AI to contribute to the delivery of care by supporting healthcare professionals to achieve higher patient satisfaction, identify operating efficiencies, and generate high value insights with data that would be otherwise unobtainable.

“Lumenix is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative movement and we’re excited to see the positive impact that AIMS 3.0 will have on the lives of patients and practitioners around the world. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with clinical workflows, we’re improving patient outcomes and contributing to vital research in ways that are otherwise unattainable. Our innovative approach protects privacy while equally supporting clinicians to deliver the best-in-class healthcare.,” says Scott Delaney, CEO and Chairman of Lumenix.

Originally developed by a multidisciplinary team of leading engineers and clinicians at Boston Children’s Hospital, America’s top ranked pediatric hospital, AIMS was acquired by Lumenix in 2020 and completed a clinical trial at The Ottawa Hospital—one of Canada’s largest research and teaching hospitals—in 2021. Ever since, a global team of experts have been collaborating on the AIMS technology to meet the needs of healthcare institutions. AIMS is a purpose-built, autonomous enterprise solution, empowering healthcare professionals to create safer and more efficient clinical environments, making it the ideal solution for busy healthcare settings and shrinking budgets. Lumenix is utilizing next-generation technologies to solve healthcare challenges in a post-pandemic world.

With research and innovation at the foundation of this technology, AIMS underwent an extraordinarily successful clinical trial at The Ottawa Hospital where 93% of KPIs were met. AIMS demonstrated astute precision to help solve some of healthcare’s most persistent data, quality and safety issues, such as hand hygiene performance. 

 “The AIMS platform enterprise solution enables patient safety by design. Continuous and comprehensive monitoring of patients and environments are central to ensuring carers can anticipate, identify, and respond to risk. This is at the foundation of ensuring patient and staff safety which in turn are necessary to patient centered care” says Alan Forster, EVP, and Chief Innovation and Quality Officer, at The Ottawa Hospital.

Built from the ground up with anonymity in mind, the ceiling-mounted device offers an easy-to-install platform solution that leverages deep learning models to analyze complex clinical environments and subtle human behaviors resulting in unbiased and reliable data that empowers management decisions and contributes to a learning health system. With user-friendly dashboards providing real-time data, insights, and reporting, AIMS is seamlessly contributing to the landscape of healthcare. 

Lumenix will demo the AIMS 3.0 platform technology at HIMSS 2023, Booth 6609, McCormick Place Convention Centre (Chicago) from April 17 – 21.

The AIMS platform technology is currently being deployed in Canada and the U.S. and is commercially available to hospitals and healthcare institutions. For more information about AIMS, please visit: or contact Lumenix at [email protected].

About Lumenix:

Lumenix is a leading provider of hardware, software, sensors, and artificial intelligence currently serving and trusted by thousands of clients across healthcare, commercial, residential, industrial and retail sectors in North America. Lumenix is committed to its vision of providing continuous value creation and enhanced safety for its partners and clients through the application of proprietary artificial intelligence, robotics engineering, inter-connectivity and clean technologies.

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