LogRhythm Axon To Safeguard UK Healthcare Innovation Through The Health Informatics Service


LogRhythm last Thursday announced a partnership with The Health Informatics Service (THIS), an innovative, collaborative NHS organization providing digital and IT services, to transform healthcare security in the UK with LogRhythm Axon. The partnership enables THIS to serve one of its key customers within the Bradford District and Craven Place with a 100% cloud-native security operations platform.

THIS gains a flexible security solution that minimizes expenses and provides a simple platform design for security teams to identify threats. Axon’s increasing adoption in Europe is strengthening enterprise’s hybrid IT security postures within the region and enhancing the analyst experience with complete visibility into network threats.


THIS offers a wide range of services to more than 100 organizations and 22,000 end users. Its proven, professional services are available to health, social care, social enterprise and third sector organizations throughout the UK. It chose Axon for its streamlined, user-friendly interface and affordable pricing model.

Built from the ground up, Axon’s intuitive interface gives analysts contextual analytics into cybersecurity threats to reduce noise and quickly secure their environments. Axon reduces the burden of managing threats and operating infrastructure, providing overwhelmed security teams with a seamless security experience.

Kev Eley, VP Sales UK and Europe at LogRhythm

The threat landscape in Europe is currently experiencing rapid growth, with more organizations featuring in headlines after falling victim to sophisticated attacks. Amongst these organizations, the healthcare industry is one of the biggest targets for threat actors due to the highly confidential patient data it is responsible for. By deploying LogRhythm Axon, THIS gains a user-friendly security solution. This is just the beginning of Axon’s presence in Europe. We look forward to helping organizations overcome mounting security pressures with powerful security analytics.

Peter Howson, Commercial Director, at THIS

We were looking for a cost-efficient security solution to support Bradford District & Craven without operational complexities. With this in mind, we selected Axon for its affordability and ease-of-use. LogRhythm Axon takes care of threat hunting so we can focus on what matters most – providing a consistent and reliable experience to our customers its deployed to.


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