ABHI UK explore the exciting innovations and key exhibitors that visitors can expect to see at MEDICA from 13-16 November in Hall 16 on Stand J48.

The world of health technology is rapidly evolving to meet the demands of an ageing and growing global population. Recognised as a leader in the field, the UK healthtech industry is set to showcase its expertise at MEDICA 2023.

Showcasing UK expertise 

Across the globe, healthcare systems are facing increasing demands driven by ageing populations, a rise in chronic diseases, and higher expectations for quality care. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to wearables, robotics to telehealth, genomics to 3D printing, the healthtech landscape is rapidly evolving to address these challenges.

Known as a global hub for life sciences, trailing only behind the United States for life sciences inward investment, the UK has long been recognised as a world leader in this space. The healthtech industry continues to play a significant role in the UK’s economic growth and is now the largest employer in the broader UK life sciences sector, employing 127,400 people across 3,860 companies.

In the healthcare space, a wave of exciting new technologies is being used to fight illness, develop vaccines, and help people to look after their own health. Both in the UK and globally, there is a clear drive for healthcare systems to embrace technology-driven solutions, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and freeing up valuable resources.

In a world grappling with shared challenges, trade shows like MEDICA provide a unique stage for UK companies to showcase their expertise and demonstrate how they can make significant contributions to addressing global healthcare issues through cutting-edge technology and innovation.

As the show makes its return to Düsseldorf, the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) will once again be returning with another line-up of UK healthtech companies who together will spotlight the remarkable prowess of the UK’s industry.

From world-first product launches to exciting demonstrations, visitors will be able to visit the ABHI UK Pavilion to discover a wide array of innovative services, technologies and innovations in key areas such as digital health, diagnostics, and critical care, and surgery. The platform will offer visitors a chance to see some of the best healthtech innovations from the UK up close and in action; and offer UK companies the opportunity to showcase the latest pioneering solutions to help hospitals cut costs, achieve greater sustainability, and empower patients to take better care of their own health.

This year’s key exhibitor highlights include:

  • Adtec Healthcare will demonstrate its SteriPlas Cold Plasma medical device, known for its efficacy in treating chronic wounds, surgical site infections, and dermatology conditions. The company has conducted over 80 peer-reviewed clinical trials to support its effectiveness.
  • GlucoRx, an NHS supplier, will display its blood glucose monitoring devices, including the GlucoRx BioXensor and GlucoRx AiDEX CGM, providing real-time data and integrated app functionality.
  • Haemoband Surgical will showcase its band ligation and endoscopic products, including the HB-SleeveLUX Proctoscope, designed for enhanced patient comfort and convenience.
  • IMed Consultancy will present their UK Responsible Person (UKRP) offering, assisting international businesses in entering the UK market for medical devices.
  • Innovia Medical will feature new product launches in various specialties, including their DTR Medical Oral Rotating Biopsy Punch and Summit Medical ENT Product Line.
  • Neurovalens will showcase the Modius Sleep, a non-invasive wellness device clinically proven to treat insomnia.
  • PolyNovo UK will present its NovoSorb BTM (Biodegradable Temporising Matrix) technology for tissue repair.
  • Seating Matters will launch Sydney GoFlat, a lie-flat chair for critical care patients.
  • Surgical Holdings – an award-winning manufacturer and repairer of medical devices – will be demonstrating how hospitals can manage and care for their surgical instruments in a sustainable and cost-effective way.  
  • TestCard will demonstrate its at-home testing solutions, including the ClearScreen testing app for COVID-19 and influenza testing.

UK Pavilion Presentation Theatre

Following last year’s success, ABHI will again host the ‘UK Pavilion Presentation Theatre’, providing UK companies a platform to showcase their technologies to international audiences. The dedicated space will run for the entire duration of MEDICA 2023, offering exhibiting UK companies enhanced opportunities for partnerships.

Virtual Access to UK Healthcare Pavilion

All UK activity from MEDICA 2023 will be available on the UK Healthcare Pavilion virtual platform, enabling visitors to discover and connect with innovative UK life sciences companies, hospitals, clinics, and key organisations from the UK.

MEDICA 2023, takes place from November 13th to 16th in Düsseldorf, Germany. The ABHI UK Pavilion will be located in Hall 16. 


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