MEG & Blue Mirror collaborate on innovative AI healthcare solution


A landmark partnership has been established between MEG, a healthcare quality and patient safety software conglomerate, and Blue Mirror, a creator of AI virtual mirror technology.

Scheduled to set a new standard in healthcare safety and operational efficacy, the collaboration offers an original and innovative solution that bolsters real-time personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance while transforming training protocols in infection control.

This synergy introduces MEG’s pioneering compliance software, integrated seamlessly with Blue Mirror’s AI-powered PPE Training technology. The infusion of these two products assures accuracy in monitoring PPE usage.

In addition, the integration provides healthcare professionals instantaneous feedback on PPE competency, ultimately lowering infection-spread risks and boosting patient safety. Data-driven insights are another crucial feature of the collaboration. The automatic PPE compliance checks save time and provide invaluable compliance data that assists in informing safety strategies across entire facilities.

In line with the ethos of user convenience, the solution is conveyed through an intuitive interface that simplifies the often complex landscape of infection control compliance. The culmination of automatic, AI-driven data collection with accuracy and depth of insights, brought to life by an expert implementation and support team dedicated to infection prevention, distinguishes this solution as truly transformative for healthcare compliance.

Kerrill Thornhill, CEO of MEG, discussed the company’s significant partnership with Blue Mirror and its transformative impact on healthcare compliance. The collaboration integrates automated, AI-powered data collection with unparalleled accuracy and in-depth insights. Thornhill highlighted the commitment of an expert implementation and support team dedicated to achieving excellence in infection prevention, marking a groundbreaking advancement in the field.

Kerrill Thornhill said: “Our partnership with Blue Mirror marks a transformative leap for healthcare compliance, combining automated, AI-powered data collection with unmatched accuracy and depth of insights, all backed by an expert implementation and support team committed to infection prevention excellence.”

Rommie Nunes, CEO of Blue Mirror, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with MEG, acknowledging their reputation as a trailblazer in healthcare compliance and quality management. Nunes highlighted the anticipation that their collaboration would result in a technologically advanced solution crucial for upholding the highest safety standards among healthcare workers.

Rommie Nunes stated: “Blue Mirror is excited to partner with MEG, a known trailblazer in healthcare compliance and quality management.”

“Our combined expertise will bring forth a solution that is not only technologically advanced but also critical in supporting healthcare workers to maintain the highest safety standards.”

Unveiling of the integrated solution is set to take place at the ACIPC International Conference, held from 12 to 15 November in Adelaide, where infection control professionals will congregate to share advancements and insights. Live product demonstrations will be featured at the conference, but virtual demonstrations and further information will also be available on request.


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