MGMA Takes an Innovative Approach to Tackling Healthcare Challenges


The 2023 MGMA Leaders Conference (#MGMALeaders), a gathering of healthcare professionals from medical practices, showcased new innovative approaches to addressing industry challenges.

Healthcare IT Today caught up with Ron Holder, Chief Operating Officer at MGMA, to delve into the pressing issues facing the sector and the impact of the new approaches taken by the organization at their annual conference to bolster engagement.

Role-Specific Conference Content was a Hit

This year’s MGMA Leaders Conference embraced change with dynamic content, attracting both long-time members and newcomers. With over 260 first-time attendees, the event offered role-specific content that extended beyond the traditional scope of medical practice managers.

“The response has been very positive from this year’s attendees to the wider variety of sessions,” said Holder. “I think we’ve done a good job this year covering topics that are important to higher level leaders. We had a wide variety of content for a wide variety of attendees. Proof of that is our CEO Summit which had over 60 attendees – the most ever.”

Improved Vendor Engagement

MGMA introduced a new hosted buyer program at this year’s conference, allowing vendors to sponsor attendee registrations in exchange for one-on-one meetings to explore potential fit. The approach, a win-win for MGMA, attendees, and vendors, created more value for sponsoring companies.

The exhibit hall at MGMA Leaders Conference felt more “full” and “energetic” this year. Partly due to the increased number of attendees versus the year before and partly because of the better flow of the hall itself. The wider aisles made the hall feel more open and inviting.

MGMA’s strategic limitation on the number of vendors improved the overall attendee-vendor ratio, fostering meaningful connections and enriching the atmosphere in the exhibit hall.

Opportunities and Future Trends for Medical Practices

Holder discussed opportunities for practices to enhance efficiency through automation, such as check-in kiosks and pre-registration processes. He highlighted the untapped potential of wearables and remote monitoring, anticipating broader adoption as smaller practices overcome initial financial barriers.

When it came to AI, Holder is optimistic that the technology can be “additive not just from a revenue perspective, but from an efficiency and clinical perspective as well.”

MGMA’s Future Focus

MGMA’s commitment to supporting healthcare professionals was evident in its future-focused initiatives. Plans include launching physician business training, helping administrators and physicians alike with essential non-medical skills. The organization also continues to refine its data collection tools, providing practices with valuable insights to enhance their businesses .

As MGMA looks ahead, its mission remains centered on simplifying the business of medicine to ultimately improve healthcare.

Watch the interview with Ron Holder to learn:

  • What industry challenges are on MGMA’s radar right now
  • How robots could be a tremendous boon to healthcare organization
  • Where MGMA is focusing their policy efforts

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