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MDX RT Simulation 2.2

Matlab Toolbox for signal processing.

MX Simulator is the ultimate Motocross simulator! Available in both PC and Mac.

MX Simulator PC Download

MX Simulator Mac Download

Create your own dirt track and take part in a fantastic endless motocross racing experience, on your Mac or PC. Track your lap times against others in online rankings and challenge online rivals.


Drive over 70 incredible real tracks around the world, racing up to 5 of your friends

Drive up to 3 unique motorbikes, each with 6 unique model variationsFeatured Projects

More than 55 miles of ground-breaking research has already been completed since June 2017, thanks to a unique collaboration between The University of Manchester, Edexcel and the Manchester Science City & MedTech Campus.

Throughout the past few years, The University of Manchester, and our partners, The University of Oxford and the National Health Service (NHS), have been working to demonstrate the potential benefits of the ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) platform, ‘Mental Health Intervention in Virtual Reality’ (MHIVR) in a mental health care context.

Our work is now entering a significant new phase as we embark on a three-year project, partly funded by the Wellcome Trust, to help further develop and refine MHIVR.

A national network of scientists and clinicians, including academics from The University of Manchester and National Health Service (NHS) researchers, have been working over the last few years to demonstrate the potential benefits of a network of dedicated long-term mental health care spaces designed to give patients with mental health needs a more flexible, personalised and supportive approach to their care.

In a bid to help patients and clinicians explore the use of VR in the mental health context, these spaces give access to immersive technology used to immerse people in a virtual environment using Oculus Rift goggles and an HTC Vive VR headset, allowing them to safely explore their environment in a creative way.

A series of VR spaces have been developed in which patients interact with specially designed graphics in order to distract them from thoughts and feelings, allowing them to become immersed in virtual worlds. In the process, they are able to explore the effects of these worlds on their own mental health, and to better understand how these worlds affect patients with a range of mental health conditions.

The spaces were developed by researchers based at The University of Manchester, who will

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