National Bank of Canada FI Acquires Signify Health Inc. Shares: A New Investment Opportunity in Healthcare Solutions


The financial sector never ceases to amaze us, and the National Bank of Canada FI’s latest move proves just that. According to SEC filings, the bank has acquired a new position in Signify Health Inc. (NYSE: SGFY), purchasing 73,900 shares valued at $2,118,000 in the fourth quarter.

This acquisition is big news for anyone following the evolution of finance technology. Signify Health Inc. provides innovative healthcare solutions in a rapidly evolving industry, which makes it an attractive investment for companies such as National Bank of Canada FI.

Curious about what other hedge funds are holding SGFY? A visit to will provide you with the latest 13F filings and insider trades for Signify Health Inc. (NYSE: SGFY).

The dynamics involved within the investment world can be quite perplexing—but it is important to keep track of them if we are to understand how market trends evolve over time as they help us predict future economic realities.

As we look deeper into this story, we can observe that NYSE:SGFY opened at $30.49 on Monday, demonstrating strong performance potential for investors looking for long term positions. With a debt-to-equity ratio of only 0.41 and current and quick ratios exceeding one point six each, Signify Health seems well poised for continued success.

Additionally, Signify Health boasts a market capitalization of $7.21 billion and carries a beta of 0.37 with a PE ratio of -9.27—further demonstrating its strength as an investment opportunity.

Over the course of this past year alone, Signify’s stock price has seen tremendous growth—a year ago at this date it had hit its lowest point at just $10.70 per share—and now it stands above $30 per share.

All these indicators demonstrate great optimism both within and outside of the healthcare industry regarding what lies ahead for Signify Health Inc. It is exciting to witness how various financial institutions and hedge funds continue investing in innovative healthcare solutions such as Signify Health Inc., which will undoubtedly address ongoing issues faced by the industry.

This acquisition by National Bank of Canada FI reminds us that anything can happen in finance—and highlights the importance of being proactive when it comes to tracking market trends. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, keeping track of these winds of change is essential if you wish to stay abreast on emerging investment opportunities.

Institutional Investors Increase Stake in Signify Health as Company Continues to Provide Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Signify Health, Inc has recently seen changes in its ownership structure as several hedge funds add to or reduce their stakes in the company. One notable development is the Treasurer of the State of North Carolina’s 1.3% increase in position during the third quarter, bringing their holdings up to 30,411 shares valued at $886,000. Arizona State Retirement System also raised its position by 3.3%, acquiring an extra 617 shares worth $559,000.

JPMorgan Chase & Co added 5.8% to their stake in Signify Health during the second quarter with an additional 840 shares worth $211,000 while Federated Hermes Inc bought an additional 1,550 shares increasing their holdings by a significant margin of 67%. Meanwhile, Tower Research Capital LLC TRC raised its holdings by a massive 172.1% during the third quarter.

This trend towards institutional investors and hedge funds owning Signify Health has been on the rise with roughly 90% of the stock currently being held by them. TheStreet recently downgraded Signify Health from a “c-” rating to a “d” rating in their report on Monday, February 13th.

However, despite this recent downgrade and nine analysts assigning a “hold” rating to the stock while one has assigned a “buy,” Bloomberg still shows an average price target for Signify Health at $28.67.

Signify Health’s healthcare platform offers innovative analytics and technology-driven solutions that connect patients with healthcare providers across America through home evaluations and diagnostic screenings primarily serving Medicare Advantage health plans.

As we move closer towards providing robust healthcare solutions through innovative technology and analytics platforms that deliver improved treatment and care efficiency and personalized care experience – companies such as Signify Health remain relevant players in today’s ever-growing healthcare market.


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