National KOLs converge that data management is the hinge factor for reshaping healthcare in Canada


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The first edition of the Canada Healthcare Innovation Summit, organized by Bamberg Health, explored through different roundtables, the challenges ahead while innovating in healthcare, implementing new tools, and the need for coordinated work between stakeholders

TORONTO, Oct. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The first edition of the Canada HIS, a hybrid event organized by Bamberg Health, reunited more than 200 key players in the industry to explore the latest advancements and challenges in the field and how they can be integrated into the healthcare systems. “As our healthcare system emerges from the pandemic, the time to innovate and embrace healthcare transformation has never been more important,” declared Cameron Love, President, and CEO at Ottawa Hospital, who was a speaker in the first panel “Innovative Healthcare Management”.

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The session “A Forward-looking View of Big Data and AI in the New Medicine” pointed out how Canada is leading AI research and the importance of the interpretation of that Data. “Earlier we talked about the transformation needed in Healthcare, to really improve the services, AI has the potential to make a real exponential change. The challenge is to really get things done and to really learn in the process,” stated Nick Milinkovich, Partner of McKinsey & Company. Another key point in this discussion was the need to build trust between players and within the society. “There are doubts regarding implementing new tools, but one thing is for sure: Silo data approaches won’t work at any level, no social, no systemical. We understand and respect the privacy concerns, but if we approach it as a competitive product, we will not be able to reach the full potential to change and improve healthcare,” declared Sebnem Kuzulugil, Director of Data Integration and Governance, DSAA at the Unity Health Toronto.

The different panelists analyzed the trends and experiences while exploring changes in healthcare. Regardless of their expertise, they all agreed that collaboration among stakeholders is crucial to achieving real change and improving people’s lives as although the tools are developed with a variety of goals, taking advantage of their benefits for healthcare is a cross-responsibility.

This event is part of the Healthcare Innovation Series that Bamberg Health hosts around the world looking to connect key decision-makers to achieve a real positive impact on healthcare.

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