NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc.: An Up-and-Coming Leader in Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Cardio-Metabolic, Liver, Oncologic, and Ophthalmic Diseases


NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc.: A Promising Biotech Investment Opportunity

Stockholders, investors, and financial analysts are keeping a keen eye on NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:NGM), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in discovering innovative therapeutics for cardio-metabolic, liver, oncologic, and ophthalmic diseases. The company has been making waves since it opened at $3.49 on Monday, acquiring a market cap of $287.43 million with an impressive -1.58 PE ratio coupled with a high beta of 1.21.

In addition to its attractive performance in the market, the company also boasts a 52-week low of $2.92 and 52-week high of $18.25 respectively – indicating exceptional growth potential for this upcoming industry leader.

NGM’s Recent Coverage

Citigroup recently initiated coverage on NGM Biopharmaceuticals in a research report released on May 3rd this year – where they assigned the company an encouraging “buy” rating along with a $6.00 price target.

Three equities research analysts have rated the stocks with holds while five others assigned it reassuring buy ratings – according to Bloomberg polls presented by industry experts- presenting the overall consensus rating as an optimistic “Moderate Buy”. Furthermore, NGM has been given a consensus target price of $8.50.

The Promise of NGM Biopharmaceuticals: What Investors Should Know

The recent reports indicate that NGM is positioning itself as one of the leading innovators in developing affordable healthcare solutions for some of the world’s most pressing health conditions today; specifically targeting heart disease issues like non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

NGM’s lead product candidate, aldafermin showed great success as it was specifically designed to treat patients suffering from NASH with either Stage 2, 3, or 4 liver fibrosis. Aldafermin’s therapeutic potential thus far has been remarkable, with clinical trials showing promising efficacy in targeted patients suffering from NASH.

Looking back at the earlier part of this year, NGM posted a significant achievement when it announced earnings for Q1 2019; $18.18 million earned during the quarter compared to the consensus estimate of $6.83 million. Furthermore, according to reports from NASDAQ, the company had a negative return on equity of 67.22% and a net margin of -485.54% – indicating overall market growth and investor confidence.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc’s continuous growth in its journey towards developing revolutionary therapeutics for different types of diseases remains a specific point of interest in the stock market today. This optimistic outlook is backed up by industry experts and polls which have revealed promising ratings for NGM shares amongst investors worldwide.

The ongoing success story of Aldafermin will undoubtedly open exciting possibilities not only for patients suffering from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis but also for other health care issues Ngm is tackling with its innovative approach to medical treatment.

Investors should keep tabs on this rapidly developing innovator in biotechnology stocks – NGM Biopharmaceuticals’ dedicated aspirations provide an excellent opportunity to invest in ethical healthcare practices while providing high prospects for substantial financial returns in the coming years.

Financial Health


Debt to equity ratio: Neutral

Price to earnings ratio: Sell

Price to book ratio: Strong Buy

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Price Target

Current $3.33

Concensus $16.50

Low $4.00

Median $16.50

High $29.00

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Social Sentiments

12:00 PM (UTC)

Date:15 May, 2023

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Analyst Ratings

Analyst / firm Rating
Steven Seedhouse
Raymond James
Goldman Sachs Buy

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B. Riley Report Sparks Concerns Over NGM Biopharmaceuticals’ Future Earnings

A recent report released by B. Riley has caused a stir in the investment world, particularly for those with holdings in NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:NGM). The report states that B. Riley analyst M. Mamtani has decreased their Q2 2023 earnings per share (EPS) estimates for NGM Biopharmaceuticals. According to the report, the revised estimate is that the company will earn ($0.51) per share for the quarter, down from their previous forecast of ($0.47).

In light of this new information, it’s no surprise that several hedge funds and other institutional investors have recently modified their holdings of NGM Biopharmaceuticals’ stock. For example, BNP Paribas Arbitrage SNC increased its stake in shares of the company by 49.3% in the first quarter alone. Bank of America Corp DE also boosted its holdings by 54.2%, while HRT Financial LP acquired a new stake valued at $509,000.

This downward trend extends to B. Riley’s estimates for NGM Biopharmaceuticals’ Q3 2023 earnings at ($0.39) EPS and Q4 2023 earnings at ($0.35) EPS as well as full-year earnings estimates at ($1.98) EPS for FY2023 and ($0.78) EPS for FY2024.

Despite these negative projections from B.Riley, NGM Biopharmaceuticals still seems to be attracting some investor interest with Acadian Asset Management LLC having boosted its holdings in shares of NGM Biopharmaceuticals by 61.5% during the first quarter alone.

This latest report from B.Riley certainly raises some concerns about the future earning potential of NGM Biopharmaceuticals over upcoming quarters and years ahead – something which investors will need to keep a close eye on if they wish to make informed decisions about their holdings in this company moving forward.


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