Premier, Inc.: The Innovative Healthcare Improvement Solution for Long-Term Investment


Premier, Inc.: A Healthcare Improvement Solution

In today’s fast-paced world where healthcare management is a significant element of ensuring optimal wellbeing, Premier, Inc. (NASDAQ:PINC) has emerged as a leading provider of healthcare improvement solutions that meet critical supply chain and performance service needs. Established in 2013, the company operates through two distinct segments: Supply Chain Services and Performance Services. The former consists of healthcare group purchasing organization (GPO) programs in the United States, direct sourcing activities, and supply chain co-management services. Meanwhile, Performance Services offers integrated data and analytics solutions for clinical and financial performance.

While Premier continues to be embraced by various stakeholders in the medical industry seeking innovative ways to streamline healthcare delivery systems, its stock performance has come under scrutiny by Bloomberg ratings analysts. According to reports released on September 17th this year, eleven analysts currently cover Premier’s stock with an average recommendation of “hold,” despite a higher number of “buy” recommendations from three out of four research analysts.

However, those who see potential growth are not alone since brokers that have covered Premier’s stock over the past twelve months expect an average 12-month price objective of $36.88 – above its current opening at $25.86 on Thursday as per recent data analysis.

Furthermore, with a market capitalization amounting to $3.08 billion—a P/E ratio of 16.79; price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 1.14 – Premier shows promise despite having a beta value of just .29 signaling low risk levels relative to both investors’ initial input level ($24.88) or even the more luxurious high ($38.98.)

To evaluate specific factors related to risk assessments affecting Premier’s holdings further; it deserves attention to examine certain metrics such as quick interest coverage ratio, the current interest coverage ratio as well as debt-to-equity ratios being reported for the company (0.62, 0.72, 0.05 respectively).

In conclusion, Premier poses a viable option in the healthcare industry through its innovative improvement solutions catered towards streamlining medical practices and standards. With its reasonable market capitalization and strong performance goals regarded by professional observation predicted over the next twelve months it is no wonder why investors and stakeholders are considering it as an option for long-term investments.

Premier, Inc.


Strong Buy

Updated on: 09/06/2023

Price Target

Current $26.07

Concensus $42.33

Low $38.00

Median $43.00

High $46.00

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Canaccord Genuity Buy
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Analysts’ commentary and movements in Premier Inc.’s stock prices

As Premier, Inc. (PINC) continues to make headlines, analysts are lively in their commentary on PINC’s stocks. In recent weeks, analyzers have either reduced or increased shares of Premier from $46.00 to $37.00. Barclays also decreased the price of shares from $31.00 to $26.00 while assumed coverage of Premier and set a “buy” rating for the company on May 18th.

SVB Leerink has also been vocal about share prices, decreasing their target rate for Premier from $46.00 to $42.00 while ranking the company “outperform” on February 8th. More recently, Robert W Baird lowered the rating of Premier from an “outperform” to “neutral,” decreasing their target price for the company from $43.00 to $30.00.

While hedge funds have seen some interesting movements in shares recently, including Alaska Permanent Fund Corp acquiring an additional 369 shares in the last quarter alone and CWM LLC buying 424 more shares worth approximately $1,271,000 , some institutions have shown reluctance with Nisa Investment Advisors LLC only purchasing just over 400 extra shares.

Overall, there is intriguing movement within the market value of PINC stocks as companies such as Barclays decrease rates but newer corporations such as increase them predicting favorable growth in the coming months.

The company has also announced its quarterly dividend payout at a rate of .21 cents per share paid out on June 15th with dividends expected annually at a rate of .84 cents per share – demonstrating commitment to shareholder satisfaction further incentivizing investors.

As uncertainty looms over corporate decisions made by Premier Inc., investor confidence will remain particularly sensitive when examining investiture decisions within pin-point days such as record-days and ex-dividend dates that display volatility among funds owning PINC stock holdings leading newcomers to remain skeptical until patterns become stable once more.


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