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Hyphen, a premium skincare brand that goes beyond the ordinary and redefines the essence of skincare, is co-founded by celebrity entrepreneur Kriti Sanon along with PEP Technologies, the parent company of mCaffeine. Focusing on providing simplified and realistic skincare solutions, Hyphen recognizes the need for an uncomplicated skincare regime, aiming to make skincare effortless, achievable, and affordable for everyone. This innovative Indian skincare brand seamlessly combines the power of nature with the potency of science, offering multi-purpose products that bring multiple benefits in one.

PEP Technologies, the parent company of mCaffeine, has formed an unparalleled partnership with the highly influential Kriti Sanon, combining mCaffeine’s expertise in R&D, marketing, supply chain, distribution, logistics, and digital marketing with Kriti’s strong influence and passion for skincare. Together, they seek to revolutionize their respective fields, and Kriti’s active involvement in the brand as the Chief Customer Officer showcases her commitment and belief in the partnership’s potential.

Commenting on the brand launch and partnership, Kriti Sanon, Co-founder, and Chief Customer Officer, Hyphen expresses, “We are very excited to unveil our extraordinary brand, Hyphen, to the world. Teaming up with my partners and co-founders Tarun, Vaishali, Vikas, Saurabh and Mohit fills me with excitement as we prepare to introduce a range of revolutionary products capable of addressing numerous skin concerns.As we embark on this exciting journey, we eagerly anticipate receiving feedback from our cherished customers. We are ‘the more” you deserve’.”

“From a young age, I’ve been passionate about skincare, and as I’ve grown older it has only intensified. Hyphen serves as the perfect amalgamation of these two aspects. In my role as the Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer, I have tried and tested all three products from the brand, and I have been applying them for the past four months, and believe me, it really made a difference in my skincare regime. My utmost desire is for our valued customers to experience the same sense of satisfaction after using our products. With the power of nature and the potency of science, I can proudly say that we have created a powerful yet balanced and rightly priced solution for skin concerns,” Sanon adds. 

With an investment of Rs 30 crore from PEP Technologies in the first round, Hyphen is set to fuel its growth and success as the majority shareholder. The alliance promises groundbreaking advancements, expanded market reach, and unmatched innovations, creating an exciting and impactful partnership.


Kriti Sanon’s life journey revolves around skincare, and now she has ventured into creating her own skincare brand. During this endeavor, she joined forces with Team mCaffeine, including Vaishali Gupta, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, along with other founding members of PEP Technologies, to establish Hyphen. Their shared vision and passion for skincare, customer-centric approach, problem-solving abilities, and strong values align seamlessly with the ethos of Hyphen.

Hyphen launches with three essential daily products at an affordable range to simplify the skincare journey: Barrier Care Cream (available in two variants for different skin types), Golden Hour Glow Serum, and All I Need Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++. With the support of PEP Technologies, the brand is available in 18000 pin codes from day one.

The brand launch features a captivating film with Kriti Sanon, Co-founder, and Chief Customer Officer, introducing Hyphen and its products, and sharing the reason behind its creation.

Expressing excitement about the brand launch and partnership, Kriti Sanon emphasizes Hyphen’s commitment to providing powerful yet balanced and reasonably priced skincare solutions, combining the power of nature and science.

Vaishali Gupta, Co-founder, and Chief Growth Officer of Hyphen, shares her excitement about partnering with Kriti Sanon, and their vision to make Hyphen the fastest-growing 100 Cr D2C skincare brand in India.

Commenting on the partnership, Vaishali Gupta, Co-founder, and Chief Growth Officer of Hyphen, says, “The excitement of partnering with Kriti Sanon to launch Hyphen knows no bounds. Her meticulous attention to detail and genuine curiosity about ingredients captivated us from the start. At PEP Technologies, as we gear up to launch a new brand, Kriti’s idea seamlessly merges with our concept, creating the perfect synergy.”

All Hyphen products are made with multiple ingredients, Vegan, PETA-certified, and cruelty-free, and the brand maintains a zero-plastic footprint throughout its operations, demonstrating a dedication to sustainability and clean ingredients.

As a problem-solving skincare brand, Hyphen empowers individuals to “have it all” by hyphenating their skincare experience and breaking norms, embracing the concept of hyphenation to achieve more and embrace their unique beauty.



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