Reveal HealthTech secures $4 million investment from W Health Ventures to drive innovation by providing healthcare organizations with specialized engineering services

  • Reveal HealthTech offers a cross-functional approach to healthcare technology services, comprising engineering, clinical, and strategic support

  • The company is on a mission to partner with clients to maximize patient health outcomes by using the transformative potential of technology in delivering care

  • The funding will allow the company to scale its operations, hire talent, and develop foundational technology capabilities to better serve the technology needs of its clients in the healthcare industry

NEW YORK, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Reveal HealthTech, a healthcare technology firm has raised $4 million in seed funding from W Health Ventures, a healthcare-focused VC that invests in and grows tech-enabled early-stage healthcare companies. Reveal HealthTech provides cross-functional technology services to healthcare companies, offering engineering, clinical, and strategic support. It aims to partner with US-based healthcare organizations to maximize patient health outcomes by removing technology as a constraint to innovation and scale. The company will utilize the capital to invest in further developing its service suite, establishing a wider customer base, and expanding its talent acquisition, training, and development efforts.

Reveal HealthTech Logo

Reveal HealthTech Logo

This is W Health’s first investment in the healthcare technology services segment. Technology spend in healthcare in the US is rising ~13% year-on-year and is expected to reach $141B in 2023. Of this, it is estimated that 30% or $41B is outsourced by healthcare companies to technology services organizations. ┬áThis is mainly because of the challenges related to hiring, developing, and retaining engineering talent in healthcare. Moreover, fewer than 10% of leading product engineering firms offer specialized healthcare talent with relevant domain understanding, which is especially important given complex regulations, data privacy, and the important real-world implications associated with treating patients.

Reveal HealthTech aims to address the top three talent challenges faced by healthcare organizations today, including talent identification and selection, lack of healthcare domain expertise, and high turnover among software teams at healthcare organizations. The company is focused on leveraging its domain expertise to create impactful healthcare technology solutions for its clients. The team has been successful in identifying and partnering with top-quality senior technology talent in India. The company will access an available pool of over 150,000 engineers who have built products for the US healthcare industry. This forms the largest specialized talent pool with US healthcare technology expertise outside of the United States.

Sanchit Mullick, Founder and CEO, Reveal HealthTech says: “Healthcare is the largest sector in the US economy and has significant labor shortages, not just among clinicians but also from an engineering perspective. As technology takes center stage in driving healthcare transformation, the industry needs partners that can help drive purposeful adoption of technology in building new Digital Care Pathways. At Reveal HealthTech we seek to address this need by providing healthcare-specific engineering excellence complemented by clinical expertise and strategic insights. W Health Ventures’ global expertise and focus on the health-tech sector gives us an inside track on the challenges faced by the industry and will help accelerate our journey to being an industry leading player in this domain.”

Speaking about the investment, Pankaj Jethwani, Partner, W Health Ventures, said, “As believers in the transformative impact of technology on healthcare, we recognize the challenges in its development and implementation. With technology spending in the US healthcare sector growing at 13% CAGR, and healthcare regulations constantly changing, there is a clear need for an agile and sector-focused technology services company that understands the challenges faced by other healthcare companies. Reveal’s differentiated approach makes them the ideal player to catalyze the positive change towards a tech-driven healthcare ecosystem. We’re thrilled to partner with Sanchit and his leadership team, who possess extensive expertise in technology, healthcare strategy, and care delivery.”

About W Heath Ventures

W Health Ventures is an early stage, healthcare-focused VC fund that invests in companies that address critical unmet healthcare needs to improve care delivery leveraging technology in the US and India.

About Reveal HealthTech

Reveal HealthTech provides specialized engineering, clinical model, and strategy support to healthcare organizations in the US and worldwide. Our mission is to maximize patient health by removing technology as a constraint to healthcare innovation. To learn more, visit or contact [email protected]




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