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Published June 13, 2023

New York – June 13, 2023 – Patient Innovations®, a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions, is proud to unveil its groundbreaking application, OnTime Care. Designed to address the challenges faced by both medical professionals and patients, OnTime Care is set to revolutionize patient management, improve efficiency, and drive significant revenue gains for medical institutions.

Unlike any other solution on the market, OnTime Care serves as the Air Traffic Control for Patients, offering a comprehensive and interactive patient management application that excels over its competitors. The application seamlessly integrates with existing healthcare systems, streamlining patient booking, communication, and process efficiency. 

Lose wait. Gain Revenue. It’s that simple. With OnTime Care, medical professionals can provide patients with an outstanding experience while optimizing operational workflows to drive revenue growth and enhance working conditions.

Key Features and Benefits of OnTime Care Include:

Smart scheduling: Patients can easily view the real-time availability of appointments at healthcare institutions in proximity, thanks to OnTime Care’s intuitive map view. This feature empowers patients to conveniently schedule appointments that suit their needs.

Smart queuing: For patients requiring immediate attention, OnTime Care offers a real-time map view of how many patients are in the queue at urgent care institutions nearby. This ensures prompt and efficient healthcare delivery, reducing wait times and enhancing patient satisfaction.

OTC SmartStandby and SmartBalance: These innovative features automatically adjust processes, wait lists and workloads in real time – enabling patients to see medical professionals sooner. By eliminating endless waiting and improving access to services, OnTime Care ensures that patients receive the care they need promptly, while medical institutions can maximize their operational efficiency and revenue.

OTC Rooms View and Platinum Vista: Designed specifically for medical professionals, these features allow doctors to see 22% more patients while ensuring more quality time with each individual. By optimizing patient flow and reducing administrative burdens, OnTime Care empowers medical professionals to deliver personalized and effective care.

OTC Treatment Timers: By automatically updating workflows, OnTime Care helps medical professionals recover lost time and boost efficiency. This feature optimizes workflow, ensuring that healthcare providers can maximize their productivity without compromising patient care.

To reduce wait times and optimize efficiency further, OnTime Care incorporates electronic workflow and mobile UpNext screens. These features provide practitioners with precise information on which exam rooms to visit next, ensuring a seamless patient journey and enhanced operational effectiveness.

OTC Communicator: One of the most effective ways to improve the patient experience is with enhanced communication. The OTC Communicator empowers medical professionals and patients to communicate easily and effectively. The integrated patient CRM maintains all required information, automating messaging via text, automated voice calls and emails to save time and ensure effective communication for both parties. OnTime Care also includes an AI chatbot that provides automated intelligent chat with patients, enhancing accessibility and convenience while reducing the amount of time medical staff must spend on the phone with patients.

OnTime Care provides advanced patient, staff, and room monitoring and analytic tools. These tools enable medical institutions to measure and optimize workflow processes, staff utilization, and room efficiency, ultimately improving the overall quality of patient care.

“We are thrilled to introduce OnTime Care to the healthcare industry,” said Ken Greenberg, President and Co-Founder at Patient Innovations. “Our application represents a significant step forward in patient management, improving both the patient experience and operational efficiency for medical professionals. OnTime Care is the ultimate solution for healthcare institutions seeking to enhance revenue gains, eliminate endless waiting, and provide exceptional patient care.”

For more information about OnTime Care and Patient Innovations, please visit and watch the OnTime Care demo video. 

About Patient Innovations

Patient Innovations is a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions. With a passion for improving patient experience and operational efficiency, Patient Innovations develops cutting-edge applications that empower both medical professionals and patients. The company’s flagship product, OnTime Care, revolutionizes patient management and drives significant revenue gains for healthcare institutions.

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