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Thus, they purchased a hospital from which to implement their idea and merge their companies. Despite their success, they faced shocking opposition. “I was surprised by the level of aggressiveness and resistance we experienced,” says Macken-Marble. “In many ways, it felt more personal versus simple business competitive….Many of the initiatives we worked on were often discounted or minimized because we were women.” Yet still, they pushed forward, sure of the good they were doing and determined to see it through.

Now they have chosen to share their journey with others not only to inspire but also prove the effectiveness of their mission. “There was never a time of doubt that we were doing the right thing,” says Roussarie. Though the two still have a long road ahead of them, they have already made history in the medical community. “Some [ideas] work gloriously. Some [ideas] likewise fail gloriously. And along the road, a better path is forged,” says Roussarie. Like two rivers that merge to create a more powerful force, Roussarie and Macken-Marble combined their approach to business and leadership to ensure a collage of success and take a step in the right direction to improving the fragmented US healthcare system.

Two Rivers: The Power of Collaboration and Other Leadership Lessons can be ordered on,,, and requested wherever books are sold. For media interviews and author appearances, contact Mindy Kuhn at (704) 900-0236, [email protected], or visit

After a thirty-year career, Shery traded in her executive cape for board and committee service. She is one of four women who developed Powerhouse Leaders, a community of professionals and leaders designed to uplift and nurture personal and professional growth. Led by faith, her collaborative and tenacious spirit causes her to approach sticky situations and messy organizations with a contagious “can do” attitude. Her free time is spent with family and friends, outdoors, or traveling. She continuously strategizes on better ways to tackle the cost of healthcare, support the community, and develop stronger and more reliable leaders.

Kelly’s thirty year career started in South West Michigan, leading in rural health communities. She currently serves as the CEO of a Critical Access Hospital in North West Wisconsin and previously held senior executive roles in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Kelly brings a servant-leader approach to her work with a passion for creating healthy cultures in which care providers, team members, patients, and families feel valued and engaged. She also is greatly interested in leadership development and mentoring other leaders. Hobbies include kayaking, watching football, reading, and spending time with her puppies and family, including her husband, three children, and four grandchildren. To find out more information visit, find them on Facebook @Lead Collaboratively or Instagram @lead_collaboratively or on LinkedIn:

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