Tips for Anti-hot Hijab Style

The recent erratic weather makes us confused to determine what outfit is appropriate. Of course, clothes or hijab must remain comfortable especially when the sun is hot all day. A comfortable outfit will not interfere with all the activities we do. Hijab Reporting from the site, here are some tips on anti-hot hijab styles that won’t interfere with your busy days.
Wear loose clothes 
Sometimes the body becomes very hot because we choose the wrong type of clothing. In order for air to reach the entire body, it is advisable to wear loose clothing, especially on the arms and legs. If you wear clothes that fit your body, the cooling process in your body will not run optimally. That is why one of the reasons Muslim clothing in a tropical country like Indonesia is actually created to be looser.
Wear light colors 
Color is the taste of each person. Many Muslim women like to wear dark colors, even black. However, if you are not one of them, try wearing a lighter color of outfit or hijab in the hot sun. Striking colors will make your appearance more cheerful and fashionable.
Wear breathable and light fabrics 
Not all fabrics are suitable for hot conditions. There are some materials that are comfortable to wear because they are much cooler, such as cotton, linen, and silk, compared to polyester. Unisma If you insist on using polyester, make sure you are familiar with the material.
In addition, the recommended outfit material should be light and not heavy when worn. You can feel the cool breeze blowing through the light cotton abaya. For some, the breeze on the back of the neck is very refreshing. Use a material that is thin but not see-through.
Avoid wearing layers of clothes
Wearing layers of clothing will torture you when the hot sun comes up all day. Avoid the multiple layers you use. The point here is, it is not recommended to wear short-sleeved clothes and then layer them with long-sleeved clothes, or vice versa.
It’s better if you wear one long sleeve at a time. Or, if you want to wear a short-sleeved t-shirt or top, combine it with cuffs made of lightweight and able to absorb sweat quickly.
It all starts in the head 
As a hijaber, fashion on the head is the most important part. Use fabrics that are light, loose, and allow air to circulate smoothly. Keep the color light. Apart from that, the most important thing is how you wear it. Use the hijab with a little loosening at the neck. Hijab If you have a hijab that makes you hot and uncomfortable, then you better save it for the rainy season or colder weather.

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