Veyond Metaverse and RapiDiagnostics S.A. Partner to broadcast World’s First 3D Metaverse Surgery from Latin America


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Veyond Metaverse and RapiDiagnostics Partner to Bring Cutting-Edge Healthcare Solutions and Broadcast World’s First 3D Metaverse Surgery from Latin America

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, March 13, 2023 / — Veyond Metaverse, a leading provider of real-time 3D immersive communication systems, has partnered with RapiDiagnostics S.A., a top healthcare company in Ecuador and Peru, to introduce innovative healthcare solutions to Latin America. The partnership will leverage Veyond Connect, Veyond Metaverse’s flagship real-time immersive communication platform, and RapiDiagnostics S.A.’s extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry to improve the lives of millions of people in the region.

Through the partnership, Veyond Metaverse and RapiDiagnostics S.A. plan to introduce new and innovative healthcare solutions, including virtual and augmented reality-based training programs for healthcare professionals, immersive and interactive experiences for patients, and virtual telemedicine services for remote medical consultations. Furthermore, the two parties plan to build an extensive network and infrastructure of virtual clinics in the region to increase access, democratize healthcare, and minimize inequality across the region.

As part of the partnership, Veyond Metaverse and RapiDiagnostics S.A. will broadcast the world’s first 3D Metaverse surgery in April 2023 from Ecuador, marking a significant milestone in the emerging field of Metaverse-related surgery, medical education, and training. The event will involve collaboration with prestigious medical centers in the USA and Korea, showcasing the global reach and impact of this partnership.

“Our partnership with RapiDiagnostics S.A. is a crucial step in providing advanced healthcare solutions to Latin America,” said Adam Choe and Dr. Joon Chung, Co-Founders of Veyond Metaverse. “We’re excited to work with RapiDiagnostics S.A. to make a positive impact on the region and beyond.”

Jimmy Silva, CEO of RapiDiagnostics S.A., added, “The MOU with Veyond Metaverse represents our commitment to advancing healthcare services in Latin America and beyond. Veyond Connect will enhance access to medical education and training, and provide remote medical consultations, potentially saving the lives of critically ill patients who need to be operated on and cannot travel. We are proud to collaborate with Veyond Metaverse to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare sector.”

About Veyond Metaverse: Veyond Metaverse is a leading provider of real-time 3D communication experiences, connecting people around the world through its cutting-edge immersive communication technology. Its flagship product, Veyond Connect, offers telemedicine, medical education, and training solutions.

About RapiDiagnostics S.A.: RapiDiagnostics S.A. is a top healthcare company based in Ecuador, committed to improving access to quality healthcare for all. The company collaborates with local and international organizations to provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions and services, including diagnostic testing, medical imaging, laboratory services, and telemedicine. With a focus on innovation, excellence, and patient-centered care, RapiDiagnostics S.A. has established itself as a leading healthcare provider in Ecuador and Peru.

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