Victory Capital Management Inc. Acquires Significant Stake in Axsome Therapeutics, Inc.: Paving the Way for Innovative Healthcare Solutions


June 8, 2023 – A new powerhouse has emerged in the healthcare industry as Victory Capital Management Inc. announced its acquisition of a significant stake in Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:AXSM). According to the company’s most recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Victory Capital Management Inc. acquired a staggering 3,626 shares of the company’s stock valued at approximately $272,000 in the fourth quarter.

This acquisition is a testament to Victory Capital Management Inc.’s keen attention to detail and unwavering commitment to investing in promising companies that have demonstrated potential for growth and profitability. Axsome Therapeutics, Inc., which specializes in developing innovative therapies for neurological disorders and pain management, poses an attractive opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry due to its unique approach to drug development.

Victory Capital Management Inc.’s strategic investment in Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. comes at a time when advancements in technology are rapidly changing the landscape of healthcare. The demand for cutting-edge treatments continues to soar as more patients seek better outcomes and long-term relief from chronic conditions.

With this new partnership between Victory Capital Management Inc. and Axsome Therapeutics, Inc., both companies are poised for tremendous success amid a highly competitive market. The capital infusion from this acquisition will enable Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. to accelerate its research and development efforts on groundbreaking therapies that could potentially change the lives of millions worldwide.

Furthermore, Victory Capital Management Inc.’s deep financial expertise coupled with effective risk management strategies will ensure that this investment will yield substantial returns over time while minimizing risks.

In conclusion, Victory Capital Management Inc.’s acquisition of a notable stake in Axsome Therapeutics, a clear indication of the bright future ahead for both companies and their respective stakeholders. As they forge ahead on this exciting venture together, it is certain that they will continue to provide innovative solutions that revolutionize the healthcare industry by meeting new demands for more effective treatments and services.

Axsome Therapeutics, Inc.



Updated on: 08/06/2023

Price Target

Current $75.24

Concensus $81.00

Low $25.00

Median $82.50

High $150.00

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4:00 PM (UTC)

Date:08 June, 2023

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Analyst Ratings

Analyst / firm Rating
Piper Sandler Sell
Robert Hazlett
Morgan Stanley Buy
Leerink Partners Buy
Guggenheim Buy

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Investors Show Confidence in Axsome Therapeutics as Promising CNS Treatments Advance

Axsome Therapeutics is an innovative biopharmaceutical company deeply invested in the development of new drugs to treat central nervous system (CNS) disorders. The New York-based firm had a phenomenal Q4 2022, and several reputable investors boosted their position in the company during this period. Signaturefd LLC unsurprisingly led the way with a 627.0% increase in shares, whereas Quent Capital LLC and Armstrong Advisory Group Inc. decided to purchase new positions valued at $54,000 and $33,000 respectively.

Captrust Financial Advisors followed Signaturefd’s lead as their holdings in Axsome grew by 582.0%. An indication that they have great faith in the company’s long-term growth prospects despite its smaller size relative to industry peers. Meanwhile, Great West Life Assurance Co became enticed into investing an estimated $69k during Q3 2022.

With institutional investors occupying considerably over half (59.71%) of total stock holdings gifted to Axsome, several research analysts have weighed in on the company’s future potential. Bank of America is pessimistic about the stock price offering an underperform and a target price of $52.00; however, Guggenheim provided a bullish forecast of reaching $100 from current levels while prominent outfit Morgan Stanley gave it an even higher rating with a target price of $87 per share.

HC Wainwright went big issuing Axsome with a “buy” rating along with an ambitious target price of $200 if they successfully develop their treatments for Alzheimer’s disease agitation and narcolepsy; two yet unmet needs regarding CNS disorders that could result in significant profits for stake-holders.

Lastly, recommends holding onto your stocks at present since turning around their votes from “sell” to “hold.” shows Axsome Therapeutics with a score of ‘Moderate Buy,’ with ten buy ratings compared to three hold ratings and only one analyst preferring to sell. The company’s present clinical trials and promising results have put them on the radar of industry leaders. Indeed, Axsome Therapeutics is undoubtedly a company worth following over the coming years, given its breakthrough drugs’ potential and notable determination to improve upon existing CNS therapies.


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