Xaia App and Medical Extended Reality


Embracing Innovation in Healthcare

In a significant achievement for their Virtual Medicine program, Cedars-Sinai has launched their pioneering app, ‘Xaia,’ on Apple’s VisionPro. This development is a testament to Cedars-Sinai’s innovative spirit and its commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology in healthcare. The app is designed to exploit the extraordinary technology of the VisionPro device, further revolutionizing the provision of healthcare services.

Xaia: A New Era of Mental Health Support

In collaboration with VRx Health, Cedars-Sinai has introduced an inventive mental health support app, ‘Xaia,’ on the Apple Vision Pro platform. The app employs spatial computing, AI, and advanced technology to deliver personalized therapy and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) training. Xaia provides immersive AI therapy with a voice that exudes empathy and understanding, making it available round-the-clock to users. It is designed to enhance, not replace, traditional therapy, and it collects data to evaluate its effectiveness. Recent research has indicated promising results, with participants responding positively to the avatar and finding the program user-friendly and beneficial.

Expanding Access to Healthcare Services

The Cedars-Sinai Virtual Medicine program’s recent launch of an app offers virtual care to patients, aiming to improve access to healthcare services and enhance the patient experience. The program has garnered substantial media coverage and is featured prominently in the Cedars-Sinai Newsroom. In addition to this, the app enables users to schedule virtual appointments with healthcare providers, access medical records, and receive tailor-made care plans, making healthcare more accessible and personalized.

Defining the Future of Medical Extended Reality

The American Medical Extended Reality Association (AMXRA) and the Journal of Medical Extended Reality have collaborated to develop a new guideline to define the emerging field of Medical Extended Reality (MXR). The new framework, which was created by Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS, from Cedars-Sinai, and his coauthors, encompasses five overarching domains. Its objective is to standardize terminology, categorize existing work, and provide a structured framework for future research development in MXR. This new taxonomy includes 13 primary topics and 180 secondary topics and is designed to support the field’s continued growth and integration into healthcare.


The introduction of Xaia marks a new era in healthcare, where technology and healthcare merge to provide innovative solutions to age-old problems. Cedars-Sinai’s innovative spirit and commitment to embracing advanced technology in healthcare have paved the way for a future where medical support is more accessible, personalized, and effective. The continued collaboration of organizations like the AMXRA with healthcare institutions holds the promise of further advancements in the field of Medical Extended Reality and beyond. The future of healthcare is here, and it is virtual.


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