Woman, 102, Who Works 3 Days A Week Shares Tips For A Long Life

At 102 years old, Carolyn Baldwin embodies a spirit of positivity and purpose that inspires all who meet her. Her journey through life is a testament to her dedication and commitment to helping others.

Baldwin spent 25 years as a children’s librarian, enriching young minds with stories and fostering a love for reading. “I told stories to 16 children under the age of 6 every week,” Baldwin tells TODAY.com. “We used to have characters and I would pass them out to the children as I told a story. It was fun, and they enjoyed it very much.”

 Carolyn Baldwin
Courtesy Carolyn Baldwin family / The Roosevelt at Salt Creek Senior Living Community

Today, Baldwin resides at a senior living community where she continues to thrive. Three days a week, for an hour and a half each day, she manages and works at the community’s resale shop. This role not only keeps her active, but also allows her to continue contributing to her community, a responsibility she cherishes deeply.

The job involves sorting and shelving donated clothing, helping customers and ensuring the shop runs smoothly on the days it’s open.

Carolyn Baldwin
Baldwin pictured at the resale shop where she works.Courtesy The Roosevelt at Salt Creek

A birthday celebration to remember

Recently, Baldwin was joined by her son, daughter and grandson to celebrate her 102nd birthday. The group enjoyed a special dinner, balloons and cake. “We ate together, and sang together and visited, and it was much fun,” Baldwin says.

Carolyn Baldwin
Baldwin’s family joined her in celebration of her 102nd birthday.Courtesy Carolyn Baldwin and family

Baldwin has nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren who “bring her immense joy and pride,” she says.

Tips for a long and healthy life

Baldwin attributes her longevity to several habits she diligently maintains.

Every morning, she dedicates 30 to 45 minutes to exercise, engaging every part of her body. This commitment “keeps me young and it keeps me vital,” she says.

Baldwin also incorporates lots of walking into her everyday life, with trips to the cafeteria, the resale shop and down to get her mail.

In addition to physical activity, Baldwin ensures she works out her mind, as well. This includes listening to her favorite authors every day. Her love for books spans genres, from family stories to adventure, humor and romance, and is a hobby she describes as “a good way for me to sit and pass the time.”

Looking forward with optimism

When asked about advice for younger people aspiring to live a long, fulfilling life like hers, Baldwin emphasizes the importance of maintaining a stress-free lifestyle filled with positivity.

Carolyn Baldwin
Baldwin pictured with her family.Courtesy Carolyn Baldwin and family

“I attribute my success to the fact that maybe I have good bones, I had good family, and my attitude has always been positive,” Baldwin says.